Graphic Sexuality

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Graphic Sexuality

(O-Zone Adventures: Volume 1)

Marie Jenkins, an ordinary thirty-three year old woman, had nobody special in her life at the moment. Work kept her busy, but she still had her eye out for Mr. Right. You see, Marie owned her own comic book store in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a kid, her and her father used to read comics together and he encouraged her interest in them even as an adult. Her mother, on the other hand, urged Marie to find a stable career and make her own way in life. So, ultimately, combining the two just seemed natural to her.

One day, a new female customer walked into her store. The woman was dressed in a tweed business dress and appeared to be in her mid-forties. She asked if the store carried the O-Zone comics, but Marie wasn't too familiar with it. Looking around her store for a few minutes the women exchanged names and some friendly conversation. The customer's name was Libby and she started answering Marie's questions regarding the O-Zone comic books.

As it was told, Princess Andala ruled the O-Zone kingdom and had male servants at her beck and call. Two of her favorite servants were Noble and Omni. Noble was the hero of the O-Zone legend and Omni was the princess' chief guardsman.

After talking for some time with Marie, Libby bought one of the O-Zone volumes and left the store. Marie decided to try one out herself to see what Libby raved about. After they had both settled down for the evening and started to unwind, that's when everything changed for these ladies.

What happened to both women that changed their lives forever? Did Marie begin to like the O-Zone comics and did she read all the volumes that were available already? Did she ever see Libby again?

This was a fun read written by Ms. Hussey. I loved the idea of the "O-Zone" kingdom and comics and enjoyed the portrayal of all her characters in the story and the comic book. She definitely penned a unique storyline that I think will entertain you for quite some time. If you are looking for a fun, light read this is definitely one to look into.

Book Blurb for Graphic Sexuality

Imagine what would happen if your favorite fantasy hero came alive in your arms; in the flesh and ready to satisfy your every need and desire.

Dream becomes reality when Marie Jenkins, an everyday comic book store owner comes face to face with Noble; a warrior and sex servant who stars as the main character of "O-Zone," an erotic graphic novel for women only.

Marie's raw, unhibited needs call out to Noble, who vows to seduce her and make her his own. Yet to stay together, they must build a bridge between a world of fantasy, and the true adventure of real life.   

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.00