Good Medicine

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Good Medicine

Thirty-year-old Sadie Grisson is a talented veterinarian working out of a local office in a small town just outside of Kansas City. Working at the same practice is Devon Markier III, DVM who works side by side with Sadie. He is the man that Sadie is upset with because he decides to buy the practice that Dr. Kirkpatrick puts up for sale because he is retiring. Sadie so wanted this particular practice to be hers, but the bank doesn’t give her the loan she applies for. So, Dr. Kirkpatrick accepts Devon’s offer to buy the clinic from him.
As Sadie and Devon work together, she notices that she likes him a great deal, but because he is a wealthy playboy, she doesn’t want to become another notch in his belt. They continue working together and in the process they have the practice succeed as it always has in the past. They begin to learn about each other along the way and learn just how much dedication, devotion and talent they both have to continue to succeed together. Their success happens in more ways than one.
Does Sadie ever express annoyance to Devon that he bought out the practice she loves so much and in which she had dreamed being hers after Dr. Kirkpatrick retired? Do Sadie and Devon learn to work more cohesively as a team? Does Sadie ever eventually express her feelings of attraction to Devon? Could it be possible that Devon may have feelings for her too?
Ms. Winter has written a modern love story that I thoroughly enjoyed. I could feel the tension and anger that Sadie was displaying toward Devon even though she was attracted to him, as much as I could feel the confusion that Devon was experiencing trying to sort through all the signals she was throwing his way. The tension found throughout the story between Sadie and Devon was superbly portrayed and I, as a reader, felt pulled into the story as if I was another character watching the scenes play out before me. Right to the end, I was hoping that Sadie and Devon could work their differences out before things got out of control and would possibly destroy the success of the practice. I would definitely recommend this story to other readers!

Book Blurb for Good Medicine

Sadie Grissom is still reeling from Devon Markier III purchasing the vet clinic where she works. The practice could have been hers if Sadie had been able to secure funding. She’s torn between thankfulness at still having a job and trying to cope with the Devon’s privileged upbringing and playboy lifestyle.
Devon bought the clinic to have a place away from his family to practice his veterinary work. The fact that the sexy Sadie came with the facility is a major bonus. He knows she sees him as her boss but he wants much more than a simple business relationship.
This hot doctor is going to prove to Sadie that love is the best medicine of all.
This title is a revised and updated version of a book previously published as “Money Man”.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.00