Glass Works

Cate Rothgard wins a contest to New Zealand and can’t wait to go. Arriving in the airport, she sees two gentlemen watching her. Trying to get away from them without making a scene, she accidentally hits into the exiting glass doors and falls to the floor hurt. One of the gentleman who was watching her, Travis Carrithers, rushes to her side to offer his medical assistance. While he is assessing her condition, she sees the glass near her begin to shimmer, vibrate and dance. Immediately she is drawn into the vision that is unfolding before her. You see, Cate is a psychic who sees visions only from the past reflected in glass panes that she looks through. She is fearful as to why these two men where following her and is completely traumatize with the vision that is playing out before her in the glass panes. Before she could say or do anything, she slips into a catatonic state and needs to be rushed to the nearest hospital.
Who were these two men following Cate and what did they want with her? What were the visions she was experiencing while vacationing in New Zealand? How close does she get to sexy and handsome Travis that assisted her in the airport even though he was following her?
This book definitely contains an exceptional storyline with quite a few twist and turns. I found Cate’s psychic ability to be different from any other I have read about and that drew me even deeper into the storyline. I was hoping that Cate would be okay while away in a foreign place, even more so since strangers were following her apparently due to her unique psychic ability. As the story unfolded, it all made sense as to why she was really in New Zealand. The author did a wonderful job of entertaining me with her story and I would recommend it to other readers.

Book Blurb for Glass Works

What is the key to the mystery that Cate must find, is it Travis’ heart or something else?

Cate Rothgard doesn't like what she sees when she looks in the glass…literally. While other people view only reflected images, Cate sees far more of the past than she can sometimes bear. Her ability as a glass-seer is both a talent and a curse. When she comes to New Zealand, it is to find her reputation has preceded her, and a mystery awaits which only she can solve.

As Cate is challenged by visions of dead men, cunning murderers, and overly possessive ghosts, Travis Carrithers risks life and limb to save her. There is a killer on the loose who will allow nothing to sway him—not impassioned pleas, not family ties, not death. As the threat to Cate grows ever more desperate, Travis knows there is more at stake than survival, as he ventures body and soul to get past her fears, in his quest to kindle love and passion in Cate's frightened heart.


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 3.75