Gillian's Place

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Gillian's Place

Gillian’s Place was an intimate establishment where all the locals would come to hang out together and have a drink or two. Owned by a middle-aged man, he kept his patrons happy. Throughout the years, he had heard many stories – some good and some bad. Still others he witnessed firsthand.
Mr. Graham broke his book down into a handful of stories. He wrote about how people met each other and fell in love. Some of those people had disastrous divorces and eventually found another special somebody. Each story was thoroughly entertaining and I found myself living the story through each of the character’s eyes.
I enjoyed how Mr. Graham approached writing this novel because it was coming from a different perspective – as a bar owner explaining each of the local patrons’ stories. I absolutely loved the ending of the story with the banter going on between the bar owner and the female patron. This was a fresh and unique storytelling approach and I would highly recommend it to others to read. It’s a keeper in my library and I look forward to other stories written by Mr. Graham. Nice job!

Book Blurb for Gillian's Place

Come on in and have a drink. Gillian's place is the right place to be to hear some interesting stories of love gone wrong and right.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.50