Ghost Seeker

Bride's Inn series, #4

Nolan Frey resided and worked at Bride's Inn and tried to keep a low profile while she was there. She loved everyone at Bride's Inn, but was too afraid to get too close to any of them for fear of everyone's safety. One night while she slept, she was awoken by some loud noises caused by some disturbed guests down the hall. As she flipped on the light switch she noticed a shimmery, translucent figure dressed in white crossing her path. Then, right before Nolan's eyes, the woman walked right through the wall. Poor Nolan thought that her eyes and mind were planning some cruel joke on her.

When she opened her door, she was greeted by some Bride's Inn owners, Jake Hunter, Seth Masters and Anthony Zodan. Once they knew that she was okay they moved onto the other rooms to check on the other guests. Lois and Phil Abrams were frantically packing their bags and not only demanding their money back for the room, but also the downpayment they left on their daughter's wedding next March. They claimed that a stranger had entered their room during the night and tried scaring them half to death. They refused to have this happen to them and wanted to leave immediately.

Jake tried his best to convince them to stay, but their minds were pretty much set on leaving. Feeling frustrated that the resident ghost was now terrorizing more guests into leaving the inn and asking for a refund, the guys didn't know what else to say. Nolan entered into the Abrams' room to see what was going on for herself. She jumped in immediately and explained to the Abrams that they were leaving just as things were getting interesting around Bride's Inn because the resident ghost had made the owners call upon the television show, Ghost Seeker, to investigate all the occurrences lately. She told them that everyone would love for them to be guests on the show to recount their experience with the female ghost. This sparked their interest enough to remain their length of stay at Bride's Inn.

If only they knew why the ghost had become malicious lately then things would be easier to settle then they had been lately. It was definitely time to really call in the crew from, Ghost Seeker, before someone got seriously hurt.

Why was the female ghost terrorizing the guests all of a sudden? How did the ghost finally explain to everyone what was bothering her so much? Were all the owners of Bride's Inn able to help the resident ghost walk to the light and finally seek peace with her soul?

This was the fourth installment of the Bride's Inn series. Ms. Chernow has made this storyline such a fascinating and entertaining series for me. I loved how the characters, from the first book and from each book thereafter, were all entwined into each new story. This was a fabulous paranormal series that I wish wouldn't end here. Ms. Chernow knows how to entertain her readers and she doesn't disappoint at all with this entire series. Fantastic job, Catherine! I would love to see still another book added to the series if possible.

Book Blurb for Ghost Seeker

What happens when two hearts seek to be one?

The mysterious apparition that haunts the legendary Bride’s Inn, is acting up and scaring guests. Now, the owners of Bride’s Inn seek help, in the form of the popular television show, ‘Ghost Seeker.’

Ian McIntyre, the director of ‘Ghost Seeker,’ has his hands full when he arrives at Bride’s Inn. He has ten days to film the episode ‘the lady in white’ and the show’s medium, Susan Stalzer, has thrown a royal fit and walked out. Now, a replacement has to be found…quickly. The ill tempered, Irish-born Ian demands a lot from the cast and crew, as well as himself. Buried in his work, Ian tries to shake his painful past but his heart has turned cold as ice, until he meets enchanting Nolan Frey, a clairvoyant with uncanny abilities to read people’s auras.

Nolan has come to Bride’s Inn to seek refuge from a brutal past. Her world is secure, tucked safely behind the sheltering walls of Bride’s Inn, where she’s given a housekeeping job. But Nolan’s heart isn’t safe the day she walks into Ian McIntyre’s room, thinking it’s empty. Lost in thought, intent on her daily chores, Nolan is terrified when she realizes the room’s guest is still there! When Ian confronts her, she sees his mesmerizing deep red aura, a man whose fiery temperament hides deep emotional pain.

One night, as the cast and crew of ‘Ghost Seeker’ are filming the lady in white, Nolan’s clairvoyant abilities are revealed. When she accepts the job as the show’s resident medium, Nolan unlocks the secret behind the lady in white’s ghostly hauntings and places herself in danger, as she becomes the…


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 5.00