Falling For A Father

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Falling For A Father

Lucy Blake is a schoolteacher who just doesn’t have luck on her side in many aspects of her life, most particularly in her love life. She, along with Marcia Davis, the school’s librarian, are caretakers of the school’s museum. One of the school’s museum pieces, the Reginald Diamond portrait, is of much interest to the school because it was appraised at fifty thousand dollars. While doing her regular routine checks throughout the museum one morning, Lucy discovers that the valued portrait is missing.
When she goes to report the theft to Principal Roger Dane of St. Augustine’s, she is taken back when she discovers that he is already aware that the portrait is missing. This makes her curious as to why Roger didn’t notify her or Marcia of the theft. To add injury to insult, he tells her not to worry about the situation and that he has everything under control already.
If this day isn’t bizarre enough for her to this point, while she is walking across the school grounds, she is knocked off her feet by a priest – a drop dead gorgeous priest, at that. She is quite bewitched by his good looks and it appears that her presence only complicates the real reason why Father Xavier is at the school in the first place.
Why is Father Xavier at St. Augustine’s? Why was Reginald Diamond’s portrait stolen? Is it ever recovered? Does Lucy ever find the answers she is looking for?
Ms. Reynolds penned a creative storyline within these pages. I found myself questioning everyone’s motive and I wondered why the portrait had been stolen and by whom. Lucy just wasn’t a very lucky person in many regards, but I was hoping her luck would change for her fairly quickly. The author wrote this story as a little mystery and encapsulated it with plenty of sarcastic humor along the way. Overall, it was a fun read for me.  

Book Blurb for Falling For A Father

Lucy Blake is a spirited, compassionate schoolteacher who's decided 'Mr Happily Ever After' definitely doesn't exist for her. Fate intervenes when she's almost knocked unconscious. Her hazy vision clears, and she finds herself face to face with a devilishly handsome ... priest!

The mysterious disappearance of a seemingly worthless painting from the school's museum, together with the swoon worthy priest's questionable identity, has Lucy playing super sleuth. Suddenly, her humdrum life is looking immeasurably better.

Father Xavier, better known as Xavier Lamont, private investigator, has gone undercover as a teaching priest to investigate the theft of a painting. The last thing he needs, or expects, is to encounter a feisty, curvaceous teacher who has him hot under his fake dog collar and doing her best to prove he's a phoney, and blow his cover along the way.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 3.00