Faith of the Heart

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Faith of the Heart

 Josh Miller, an investigative reporter, has taken the past year off from work to try and deal with the devastating loss of his wife, Miranda. He and his daughter, Libby, miss Miranda terribly and wish that she hadn’t died of ovarian cancer. With all the treatments and even after a visit to a faith healer, who ultimately turned out to be a fake, nothing they had tried saved Miranda’s life in the end.

Luckily though Josh has Libby to keep him grounded and he’s grateful that she’s such a smart girl that she graduated high school at the age of thirteen. It’s just another reason that he’s thankful to his wife for home schooling their daughter. With all they are dealing with, it’s quite understandable that they both needed to take this past year to reflect and deal with the loss of their beloved wife and mother.

In the process of learning to live day by day, Josh decides to take Libby to the family ranch in Montana as a mean of escape from the everyday reminders of their loss. While there, Josh receives a phone call from Ross Kennedy, who is married to his cousin Laurie Miller and just so happens to be a psychologist with empathic abilities. Ross is worried that his sister Cheryl, who has Lupus, was just taken advantage of by another faith healer named Sarah Reid. Ross wants Josh to investigate Sarah and call her out for portraying that she can really heal people and then have the nerve to ask for large sums of money as payment for these false services. Ross wants to put her out of business just like the other bogus faith healer should be.

But what happens when Josh starts digging up information on Sarah? What does he find out about her? How did Sarah even get these supposed healing abilities? Is she really a fake after all?

Ms. James outdid herself yet again! This story was very entertaining and the characters were carved out to be like everyday people we can all relate to. My heart went out to Josh and his daughter for the loss they were experiencing. I could feel their pain and suffering and I had hoped they were going to be able to work through it one way or another. I understood that Ross wanted to debunk Sarah as a genuine faith healer, but I had hoped that Sarah would prove them all wrong in the end. Ms. James’ storylines are always creative and I love the twist and turns she embeds throughout each story she writes. This is an author you should keep an eye on because she’s definitely going places! Well done, Ms. James!

Book Blurb for Faith of the Heart

Investigative reporter Joshua Miller has turned his back on life. Since cancer claimed his wife, he can’t bring himself to write another story. Then he hears about a fascinating woman who piques his curiosity. After being struck by lightning, Sarah Reid finds herself with a gift… and a curse. She can heal the sick and dying. She soon realizes that along with the special gift also comes danger to her own life. Feeling responsible for the death of her best friend, Sarah reasons that perhaps she has received the gift to make amends, no matter the personal cost. Neither expects sparks to fly when they meet. Sarah discourages Josh’s persistence in investigating her while he fights his attraction, refusing to acknowledge that she can truly save people. Can Sarah break through Josh’s stubborn cynicism and show him that miracles really can come true by leading him back to love?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00