Everyday in a Letter

Meghan’s husband, who is proudly serving in The Queen’s Royal Hussars, is away from home right now. While Alan is serving his country, Meghan tries to come up with new ways to keep the spark burning between them although they’re apart more than they are together because of the military.

So she comes up with this idea to start sending Alan risqué, naughty letters filled with her deepest fantasies. In doing so, she hopes he doesn’t think she’s crazy or finds her less attractive in any way. 

Little does she know that the man she dated and got engaged to only a short time after meeting him is going to be a different person when he comes home to their London home for some R&R.

What does Alan think of the naughty letters his wife has been sending him recently? Where is this risqué side coming from that Meghan is newly displaying toward him?

This as a fun, hot and extremely sexy read that had me quickly turning the pages for more. I enjoyed the storyline and couldn’t help but fall in love with Meghan and Alan. I loved the creative means Meghan came up with to keep her husband interested while he was serving in the military. I’m new to Ms. Lockhart and her writing and I’m eager to see if she has other stories available to read. This was definitely an enjoyable read for me and I recommend it to other readers to pick up.

Book Blurb for Everyday in a Letter

While Alan is away, bravely serving in the country's armed forces he and Meghan have to find creative ways to keep their passion alive.

They begin sending letters, risqué, naughty letters, telling each other their deepest fantasies, things they’d never shared when they’d been together in person.

Meghan gets into the spirit of things, picturing the events as they happen, and it’s almost as if Alan is there.

When he’s sent home on leave, she discovers this hunk of a hotty, either in uniform, or out of it, is not the same man who left...

Reader Advbisory: This story has been previously released as part of the Naughty Nibbles anthology by Total-E-Bound

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.00