Eternally His

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Eternally His

Thirty-two year old Erica Peterson is a savvy businesswoman. Growing up in the family owned bridal salon, Erica knows the business like the back of her hand. Now running it solely by herself although her parents still have part ownership of the business, all she wants to do is pay off the mortgage to the salon and everything will go as they all have planned. But it seems that after a few people started witnessing strange occurrences, things were quickly falling apart for her.

One strange occurrence happened when she was approaching the salon to open it one morning. As she stepped onto the front porch, the alarm started blaring and she feared that a burglar may have tripped the alarm inside. Once the police arrive, she is greeted by thirty-four year old Detective Grant Stewart. She is immediately attracted to him and feels as if she has met him before, but she can’t remember where or when. Once they tell her that it’s only a false alarm, Erica is still worried and concerned over the strange occurrences her staff and customers are witnessing. Detective Stewart picks up on Erica’s edginess and feels that she may be hiding something from him. He promises himself that he will get to the bottom of things whether Erica assists him or not. Strangely enough, he too feels as if he’s met Erica prior to this, but he can’t recall where it might have been.

Did Erica and Grant meet each other prior to this occurrence? Is the salon really haunted or is someone playing malicious tricks against Erica? Do Erica and Grant decide to take their professional relationship to a more personal level? Who do they find out is behind all the strange occurrences?

The best way I can describe this book is, “Wow!” It was a fantastic paranormal story that had me immediately pulled in and wondering if the bridal salon was truly haunted or having nasty pranks played upon it. I fell in love with both Erica and Grant and felt their characters played well off each other. Ms. North had me intrigued the entire time and feeling as if I personally was experiencing the strange occurrences firsthand. I couldn’t wait to find out how the story ended and when I did, I was surprised at the twist of events the author masterfully created. This is definitely one I’m adding to my library and I would highly recommend it to other readers.

Book Blurb for Eternally His

All Erica Peterson wants to do is pay off the mortgage on her bridal salon when a ghost appears in the salon. The disturbance the ghost causes attracts police detective Grant Stewart. The ghost, who is wearing a Victorian-era wedding gown, has a history of violent encounters with previous owners of the building. She vows to stay until she has fulfilled her soul's purpose.
Erica, her staff, her clientele, and Grant suffer ghostly encounters. Erica is on the verge of losing everything: the salon, Grant, and the two-year-old child who has stolen her heart, To save all, she must travel through time to prevent a tragedy taking place both in 1894 and in present time.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 5.00