En Garde

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En Garde

Buying a farm in the middle of Pennsylvania worked out fine for John’s writing, but made it hard to commute to his fencing classes and tournaments three hours away. But no matter how crazy the commuting may be, John still loves his fencing and nothing will stop him from going.

Since John is much older than the other fencers, he didn’t have any problems being their friends as he thought he might have. One person in particular, Kelly, gets along with him exceptionally well. Ironically though, John doesn’t see that she likes him more than a friend and wishes he would ask her out.

Kelly is frustrated and has waited long enough for John to make his move. Finally annoyed that he’s oblivious to her feelings for him, she makes her move and tells him exactly how she feels about him.

What does John think of her advances toward him? Does he have any feelings for her? Could a relationship work between them since he is twice her age?

I found this to be a good read and I enjoyed that the storyline was wrapped around fencing. Although I know nothing about the sport, I have always been fascinated by it. I liked that Kelly was determined to let John know how she felt for him and I hoped that John was just as interested in her as she was of him. Mr. Belegon is a new author to me and I would be interested in reading more of his work in the future.

Book Blurb for En Garde

Genre: Contemporary erotic romance
Heat rating: 2 Novas

John knows certain things are true. He knows he is in good shape for his age. He knows that buying a farm in rural Pennsylvania was good for his writing but bad for his pursuit of excellence with the sword. He knows that making the three hour drive to compete in a monthly tournament at Penn State is worthwhile even when he loses. And he knows that even though they seem to accept him as their equal, there are some lines that society says just can't be crossed with his new compatriots...since they are literally half his age.

Kelly is young and ferocious enough to believe that society isn't going to make decisions for her about who and what she wants in her life.

The trick isn't convincing her friends to accept that a relationship is possible between her and the sexy older man who has joined their competitive circle. The trick is convincing John...

Length: HeatSheet (7K words)

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 3.75