Elly: Cowgirl Bride

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Elly: Cowgirl Bride

HA #1326 Codys: The First Family of Rodeo

Elly Cody is just as hard working on the family’s ranch as any of her Cody brothers are. She’s in charge of all the PR wrapped around the Cottonwood Ranch and her work keeps her extremely busy. As if her work responsibilities aren’t demanding enough on her, she’s also a professional barrel racer in the rodeo circuit. There isn’t much free time for her to do things, but when she can she loves playing around with her photography. So much so, one of the local galleries has her work on display there and the sales are doing very well for her and the gallery.

But lately she’s completely distracted with all the gossip flying around that Mark Hansen just might be another Cody relative that has been kept a secret for over 30 years. As the days pass, the evidence seems more and more convincing that her father had an affair with Mark’s mother right after him and her mother, Anne, lost their firstborn child through miscarriage. None of the Codys want to believe that this happened, but no matter how many times someone tries bringing the topic up to their father, J.W. just seems to get angry and tells them to mind their own business.

Jesse, the eldest Cody, decides to hire Will Jackson, a lawyer that has just opened his new practice in town and who also happens to be a friend of the family. When Elly finds this out, she can’t believe how sexy Will has grown up to be. He no longer is the geek she used to know and tease. Now, he’s a handsome man that she can’t seem to get out of her thoughts.

As Will starts investigating what little evidence he has on the situation, the odds don’t look good for the Codys. But in the process, he and Elly start something between each other and it seems that maybe now might not be the right time to have a relationship while he’s representing the family with this paternity case.

Can Elly and Will separate business from pleasure without things getting too messy for them in the process? Can Will be the man that Elly decides she wants to get serious with? Can they make it work during this difficult time the family is undergoing?

Here is yet another addition to the Cody saga that I just loved! I loved getting to know Elly and seeing what her role was on the ranch. I loved that she had someone like Will in her life and I could only hope that they could work through all the chaos that was surrounding them with the latest family saga. Ms. Milburn did a wonderful job telling us Elly and Will’s story and I just can’t wait to see how this series ends. I highly recommend this story and eagerly look forward to reading the last book in the series.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00