Echoes of the Past

Book 2 of the Spirit Lake series

Now since the divorce is final, Erica Parkhurst is free from her slimy husband and is relieved that she can now move on with her life. Although, at this present time, she is plagued with doubts and fears of returning to that small Western Pennsylvania town of Spirit Lake and seeing Joe Lakota again, the man she left behind, she is still very eager to start her life in a new direction.
She has no idea where she stands with Joe since she last saw him during the summer, but she considers returning to Spirit Lake, nonetheless, to see where this new road takes her.
When Erica first traveled to Spirit Lake as a means of escape from her cheating husband, she used the beauty and tranquility of the cozy Pennsylvania town to clear her head and reset her priorities since her husband was seeking a divorce. Originally only using it as a pass through to a bigger and better destination she had mapped out in her mind, upon arriving in town, she couldn’t help but be enamored with it. While looking for a place to stay the night, Erica stumbled upon Spirit Lake Inn and befriended the owner, Evelyn Black.
Since first meeting Evelyn, their friendship blossomed and they speak regularly with each other on the phone. Receiving phone calls from Evelyn isn’t a strange occurrence, but one particular call from her is a bit unnerving for Erica, to say the least. Poor Evelyn fell down the main staircase in the inn and needs surgery plus physical therapy to fix the damage she sustained in the fall. Since they are very close, Evelyn inquires to see if Erica is willing to run the inn while she is goes in for her knee surgery. Erica isn’t all that certain at first if this is a good idea because she has absolutely no experience running an inn, but wanting to help her friend in a time of need, she accepts the challenge anyway. Erica even volunteers another of her girlfriends, Paula, to help her run things over the next few weeks. 
All seems well until Erica and Paula arrive at the inn and strange occurrences start plaguing them and the two couples that are now vacationing there. Erica is second guessing why she ever came back to Spirit Lake knowing what she had already gone through during her first stay at the inn.
Are there logical answers to all the strange occurrences going on at the inn? Could there be restless spirits roaming around the land? What did Erica and Paula discover when they set out on their little investigation to seek some history of the past to the land that now housed the lovely and quaint inn? Do Erica and Joe rekindle the romance they shared during the summer?
This story was wonderfully written and extremely satisfying from the very beginning. Ms. Guy penned such a powerful prologue that I had chills running down my spine. She retold the story of the Carter family and the Iroquois tribe that occupied Spirit Lake many years ago. The author used such vivid details in describing the story and I was immediately pulled into this heart-wrenching rendering of the retelling of the past. I felt as if I was there learning everything first hand. I loved how Ms. Guy through in pieces of the puzzle and kept me so intrigued that I couldn’t wait to find out more. I honestly couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I was pulled in from the first page and was on a roller coaster ride until the very last sentence. I would highly recommend this story and the Spirit Lake series is definitely a keeper in my library. The author did a wonderful job with this second story and I am eagerly waiting to see what she releases next from her collection.

Book Blurb for Echoes of the Past

It's mid-October and now that her divorce is final, Erica Parkhurst is free to return to Spirit Lake and Joe Lakota, the man she left behind. Yet she is riddled with doubts and fears. Can they rekindle their romance of the summer? And can she put aside memories of her terrifying expericence at the hands of a cold blooded killer and go back to the small town in Western Pennsylvania?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 5.00