Echoes of Magic

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Echoes of Magic

Sisters of Magic, #2

Grayson has served years as a commander to his lord and friend, Drogan. Now though, it seems like the right time to set out on his own to finally find the answers he so desperately is searching for all these years. You see, when Grayson was a young boy, he was torn away from his mother, Leoma, by an evil army of men. From that day forward, he never saw his mother again. He doesn’t even know if she was killed during the attack or if possibly she is still alive today. He wants to find the answers to why he was taken away from her and why was his family targeted.
Now on his search alone to find answers regarding his mother, he is attacked by two evil knights led by Baron Nigel Creely. He is left for dead in the forest. Fate is on his side though because Adrianna, a witch, stumbles upon him and takes it upon herself to offer him medical assistance. She takes him to the gypsy camp where she has resided for the past three years and starts helping Grayson to recover. She smells evil all around them and knows that it’s only a matter of time before Nigel’s army comes looking for Grayson again once they find out that he’s still alive. Using her magic and mixing some herbs for healing, she does whatever she can to save Grayson from dying from his serious injury. While she cares for him, she can’t help but notice that he is very sexy and quite attractive. She can feel that Grayson is different in some way, but she can’t put her finger on just how different he truly is.
Once she is able to heal him enough without any complications to his health, they begin getting to know each other. She finds out that he’s on a mission to find answers about his mother and the past that still haunts him to this very day. She knows, through her witch abilities of seeing into the future, that Grayson will be hunted down and this time he may not make it out alive from the attack. She does the only thing that she thinks will continue to help him. She ultimately decides to travel as his companion during his search. Little do they know that they will both be challenged way beyond anything they have even had to face in their individual lives.  
Does Grayson ever find all the answers he’s so desperately trying to find? Does Nigel’s army come back to find Grayson and make certain they finish off what they started with him? How does Adrianna fit into the picture with Grayson?
Ms. Grant did a wonderful job at telling this story. Her characters are well rounded and easy to fall in love with. I fell in love with Grayson immediately because he was introduced to me in the Sisters of Magic book 1, Shadow Magic.  I also couldn’t help but like Adrianna because although she was a witch, she wanted to help Grayson in any way she could. I loved how they both were fighting off the attraction they held for one another, feeling as it wouldn’t be the right thing to do to have a relationship together. The author knows how to tell a story and keeps you on the edge of your seat while you’re turning the pages. She pulls you in from the very first page and keeps you engrossed right until the last page. She is a remarkable storyteller and I highly recommend you look into reading the Sisters of Magic series. Each is a stand-alone story, but I recommend you read it in order to enjoy the full effects of the complete series and what it has to offer her readers. I’m delighted to tell you that the next book in the series, Dangerous Magic, is available now for purchase. 

Book Blurb for Echoes of Magic

From bestselling, award-winning author Donna Grant comes a trilogy of three women who happen to be a dying race of witches that were cursed by one of their own, and the men who stood by their side.

Hiding a secret so awful that his only hope for survival is to remain hidden, Grayson has lived most of his life pretending to be someone he isn't. After years serving as a commander to his lord and friend, Grayson can no longer hold back the past. He leaves in search of answers only to find evil awaits him. Until he discovers an achingly beautiful woman who stirs his deepest passions and all-consuming need.

Adrianna knows what her future holds for her as a witch - loneliness and heartache. She has accepted that. Until she discovers Grayson near death in the forest. Saving him is her only choice, and even as she falls deeper into the attraction surrounding them, can her magic be enough to stop Fate or the evil that awaits them.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 5.00