Dusty: Wild Cowboy

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Dusty: Wild Cowboy

HA #1318 Codys: The First Family of Rodeo

Dusty Cody is notorious for being a fun-loving player with the girls. Any girl he sets his sights on he can usually hook up with. But since finding out that he’s the father to a four year old son named Matt that his ex-girlfriend Josie didn’t tell him about, Dusty seems to be looking at life a bit differently now. Although he and Josie know that they’d never be a happy couple if they got back together; they’re perfectly fine not making any commitments to each other. As a matter of fact, they’re fine enough with Dusty just being Matt’s father and remaining friends with Josie in the process. Ironically though, Josie fell in love with Dusty’s twin brother, Dexter.

Finding out that you’re a parent really makes a person prioritize their life and Dusty is doing just that. He realizes that it’s time for him to grow up and be a responsible adult to his son. One way to do this is to take on more responsibility with the family’s farm, The Cottonwood Ranch, located in their beloved town of Markton, Wyoming. As Dusty is giving lessons to an older student at Cowboy College, he can’t help but notice Gil’s daughter, Maryanne Devonshire, watching her dad take the lesson with him. She’s beautiful and he’d love to get to know her better. Maryanne is from LA and is solely there just to keep her father company while he attends his lessons at Cowboy College. She can’t help but find herself attracted to Dusty, but she knows that she could never have a fling with him especially since she’s already heard about his notorious playboy attitude. As time is passing through, Maryanne realizes that she just can’t get that sexy cowboy off her mind.

Does Dusty ask Maryanne out so they can get to know each other better? Could a relationship work between these two? Can Maryanne be the one to make Dusty realize he wants to finally settle down now?

I loved this next book in the Cody Rodeo Family series and I just couldn’t put this story down. The author made her characters come alive for me and I easily lost track of the time while reading her story. I love how this series is continually evolving and I highly recommend not only Dusty’s story for readers to pick up, but the entire Cody series as well. I know you won’t be disappointed with this series and each author’s take of the Cody family member she’s writing about. Well done, Ms. McDavid!

Book Blurb for Dusty: Wild Cowboy

When a man finds out he's got a son, it's time to take stock of his life. Dusty Cody may be Markton, Wyoming's most famous good-time wrangler, but now he's got only two dreams he's hankering to fulfill. To become the world's next roping champ. And be a father to his little boy.

Gorgeous California girl Maryanne Devonshire shouldn't even be on this cowboy's radar. So why's she making him feel he was born to the family life

The West is still a mystery to Maryanne, but there's obviously more to the gorgeous rodeo rider than lazy Western charm and killer good looks. Suddenly she's not so eager to hightail it back home. Maybe because she's starting to realize that home is wherever Dusty Cody is.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00