Dragon's Mate

Lady Karee Wilmore is only hours away from marrying Prince Marcus of Alleon, but she isn't happy with this arranged marriage. It's not like she doesn't like Marcus. On the contrary, he's one of her dearest friends, but that's it. There is no passionate love for him and after catching him two days prior with another woman, their mutual friend Madeline, she knows he is not in love with her. They are only getting married because both sets of parents have arranged this union and everyone feels that it is time for Marcus to start having children.

Two days prior, when Karee went searching for Marcus, she overheard voices in the distance. Figuring she would go over and do a playful game of pounce and attack as they had done together so many times throughout the years, she overheard a woman's moan. When she peered through the branches, Marcus was gazing lovingly into Madeline's eyes. By the look on both of their faces, she could tell they were both in love with each other. She quickly left and since her bedroom was going to feel too confining right now for her, she decided to take a walk in the public gardens. While walking and deep in thought, she heard the sound of giggling female voices surrounding a gentleman off to her right. She went over to the handsome man's aid because by his demeanor she could tell he was not interested in any of the girls.

She quickly chased the four young girls inside and the handsome gentleman turned to offer her a thank you. He introduced himself as Bavol and leaned in to kiss the back of her hand. Embarrassed by his gesture, she removed her hand from his and she felt compelled to rub the spot where it tingled from the touch of her lips. He asked her if she would like to take a stroll with him and realizing she will only face having to pretend to be happy in front of everyone for her wedding being only two days away, she decides to accept his invitation. Though neither one spoke because they were so lost in their own thoughts, Karee felt extremely comfortable in this stranger's presence.

The day of the wedding, Karee enjoyed the afternoon's traditional festivities, which later would lead into their private moonlight ceremony. After dancing with Lord Petra, the music stopped and she allowed him to escort her away from all the hustle and bustle. They stopped for some juice and while in the middle of their discussion about the evening wedding, they hear this loud inhuman scream that brought the festivities to a halt. When Karee looked, she was horrified to see a sky-blue dragon plummet to the ground. Lord Petra changed into his dragon form and took Karee over to have a closer look. As they landed chaos was occurring around the downed dragon. Some people were trying to help while others were running away from the dragon's snapping jaws. Karee took charge of the situation and asked everyone to step back. The dragon was in tremendous pain whenever he tried moving his left wing.

Karee walked closer to the injured dragon and he moved his head closer to have a look at her. She had now realized that the dragon was Bavol, the man she had met two days prior. She reached over to scratch the soft scales above his eye. The leathery skin was much hotter than normal and she felt the heat flow up her arm. Lord Petra approached closer to aid Karee, but the dragon wouldn't allow it. Lord Petra stepped back. The dragon only seemed to trust Karee. When the dragon swung his head around to look at her, she began scratching him again. She looked down started. Her hand had a gash and the blood trickled down her index finger. The dragon was about to lick it for her, but she jumped back. Subliminally he spoke to her telling her his intention was only to heal her wound. Honored by his gesture, she explained that she wanted to tend to his injured wing. He made an agreement with her that as long as she would allow him to lick her would, he would allow her to tend to his injured wing. Sh

Book Blurb for Dragon's Mate

Lady Karee Wilmore is about to be married, to a prince no less. Yet she is unhappy; all her life she has dreamed of being a dragon's mate. She is resigned to her match with Prince Marcus until circumstances land her kidnapped by an Air Dragon. Will all her dreams come true on the cusp of her wedding?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 3.00