Dragonfly Dreams

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Dragonfly Dreams

Loral Evans is in desperate need of more cash to make the month’s bills and to buy her mother her much needed medicine. Not having much left to sell at this point, Loral decides with her mother that it’s time to sell off her mom’s costume jewelry. She knows it won’t sell for much, but anything is better than nothing at all. So, Loral heads to town to Jake Coburn’s antique shop to pawn off the last of the items they have to sell.

Arriving in the shop, Loral is humiliated yet again that she needs to resort to these measures in order to pay the bills her mom and her have. She likes seeing Jake, but wishes she would have met him under different circumstances. She shows Jake the costume jewelry and hopes that she’ll get a little money for something that has more personal value than monetary value.

Jake is a kind soul and knows that although the jeweled dragonfly brooch isn’t real, it’s a stunning piece nonetheless. Liking Loral and wanting to help her and her mother, he makes a one thousand dollar offer for all the pieces. Loral is insulted that he’s feeling sorry for her and making a ridiculously high offer on something she knows is just costume jewelry. After passing a few words back and forth, Loral knows that she and her mother desperately can use that money. She finally accepts his offer and after taking the cash, she leaves to catch the bus home in the freezing cold, snowy weather. Little does Jake, Loral and her mother know that their lives will change forever from this moment forward.

What happens to the three of them that day that impacts their lives drastically? Do Loral and her mother have enough to pay all the bills for the month? Does Jake try to help them with their desperate situation?

Ms. Netzel did a wonderful job telling this story. My heart went out to Loral and her cancer surviving mother. I found myself hoping on a wing and a prayer that things would turnaround for them finally. I was so glad that Jake was the kind of honest and decent man that he was. I had hoped that something would happen between Loral and Jake because it was apparent there were some sparks between these two. Ms. Netzel penned a remarkable ending that totally surprised me and she masterfully tied all the loose ends up for each one of her characters. This is a charming tale that blended strength, hope and love into one fantastic story. Well done, Ms. Netzel!

Book Blurb for Dragonfly Dreams

Jake Coburn’s antique shop is barely surviving, so the last thing he should do is buy costume jewelry at a price that won’t turn much profit. Then again, it’s Christmas, and he hasn’t been able to say no to Loral Evans since the first time she entered his shop almost a year ago.

Loral’s mother is a cancer survivor, and much as they don’t want to sell their family heirlooms, surgery and prescriptions aren’t cheap. Jake’s offer of one thousand dollars for a dragonfly brooch that Loral knows is fake stings her pride, especially since he knows she can’t afford to walk away.

Selling the brooch, which is more than it appears, turns out to be a blessing in disguise. During a season of giving, Loral learns there’s a big difference between pride and dignity, and Jake’s determination to do the right thing brings rewards beyond what either of them ever dreamed of.

Miniature Rose
65 Pages Sensual

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 5.00