Dragon's Fire

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Dragon's Fire

Belle, a quiet librarian, decided to attend a gothic themed party with a bit of persuasion from her girlfriend, Melissa. This wasn't something Belle would usually do, but she decided to try it out anyway. Dressing in a black silk dress with nothing underneath and a coat made of sheer fabric that hugged her breasts and floated against her legs, made her feel a bit reckless and sexy. She even decided to keep her hair down for the party, something she never does.

She headed to the party and was greeted by a tall, dark and gorgeous guy dressed as Count Dracula. He invited her into his house to join the party and while she scanned the room for Melissa, he held her close to his side. She explained to him that she was looking for her friend and he elaborated that he was also her friend, too, and that he had been looking for her for a very long time. As he touched her, the heat that exploded throughout her body overwhelmed her. She didn't know who this guy was or even what his name was. He informed her that they were lovers in a past life. Not quite understanding what he had just revealed to her, he whisked her off to another room so they could have some privacy. She learned his name was Michael and then she remembered.

What did Belle finally remember about Michael? Were they really lovers from a past life or was he just trying to convince her that they had something together? How did Belle feel about being with Michael in a quiet room away from the rest of the party? Did Belle regret going to the party after all?

This was an entertaining short read for me. I enjoyed how the story unfolded itself and how the explanation was supplied as to why everything was happening to Belle. The storyline was unique and I think if you picked this one up, you would be transported into Belle's world alongside her. This story was well worth picking up.

Book Blurb for Dragon's Fire

Two hearts joined by love and desire are separated by a cruel fate. In another time and place, dragon keeper Michael saved the House of Obert, but died in Belle's arms as she pledged her love forever.

Can it now be that very love spanning time and dimension that brings together a quiet librarian and a handsome stranger who whispers her name and ignites her passion?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00