Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues

Even though Rita Markum grew up in Grasmere, Ohio, she desperately wanted to leave the country life behind her. Now living and working in Seattle, her life is completely different. She carries herself like a city girl and she is quite content being that way. Or so she thinks.
Rita is engaged to be married to David even though she still finds Brody Alexander, her childhood crush, quite attractive. But she can’t be serious with someone who travels the rodeo circuit being a clown and bullfighter. She doesn’t want a broken down cowboy that she’ll end up taking care of for the rest of her life. She wants someone who will be healthy and be able to meet the expectations that she has set in her mind for what a husband should be. So, David, being a corporate person, fits the bill much better for her.   
That is, until Rita returns to her hometown to help her mom, Judy, during her knee surgery and rehabilitation and who does Rita happen to see again that gets her all flustered, but none other than sexy Brody.
Add to the mix, Socrates, Brody’s stubborn but comical mule who completely understands humans and will do his tricks to one way or another get thickheaded Rita and Brody together. If that isn’t enough to tickle your funny bone, lets add Socrates animal sidekicks, Guinevere, who is Brody’s de-scented trained skunk, and his dog, Perseus plus let’s not forget about Beauty, the Markum’s dog and you have one story that is chock full of laughs and plenty of lessons to learn in this rodeo game of love.
Without a doubt, I fell in love with this storyline from the very beginning. I absolutely loved how Ms. Rogers created a comical story and did a superb job of holding the reader’s attention right to the very end. I loved the characters she created and couldn’t help falling in love with Brody myself. The author had me laughing so hard throughout the story that my sides were hurting from all the antics Socrates and his friends were constantly up to. I honestly didn’t want the story to end. Socrates, Guinevere, Perseus and Beauty are such a comical team that I couldn’t wait to turn the page just to see what new trouble they were going to get themselves into next. I’m an animal lover at heart and I will recommend this story not only to my fellow animal loving friends, but also to anyone that would love to read a lighthearted love story that will entertain you for a few hours. This is definitely a keeper in my library and I look forward to reading many more stories from this talented author in the months to come. You’ve done a fantastic job, Ms. Rogers. Maybe Socrates and the gang can become Grasmere’s matchmakers now and we can have another book with him and his friends being up to their old antics again.

Book Blurb for Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues

It Happened in the Idaho Desert

The rodeo clown: Brody wants the thrill of bullfighting and the wind at his feet.

The actuary: Rita doesn't want anything to do with a busted up cowboy-and odds are, Brody will be.

The mule: Socrates understands humans. And love, even if humans don't.

Can Socrates lead Brody to Rita's heart?

Will Rita let herself take the biggest risk of all?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 5.00