Double Down

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Double Down

Viva Los Regalos:

Maxine Simms was a very shy, but hard working individual. After her grandmother's death, Maxine was pleasantly surprised that her grandmother had left her life savings to her. It was her grandmother's way of thanking her for all the years she took good care of her while she was suffering with Parkinson's disease. In a goodbye note her grandmother wrote her, she told Maxine to live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute before it was too late. Maxine took her grandmother's advice and went to a travel agent to book a long overdue and much needed vacation for herself. Through a suggestion of the travel agent, she decided to go to Los Regalos for three days. Since the travel agent made this place sound so magical, she didn't worry that she had nearly spent all of her inheritance.

Los Regalos is the world's only city that is completely run by paranormals and cater only to humans. They pride themselves on complete anonymity for every guest that comes there. This is the place where your every wildest fantasy can and will come true. Maxine, though very reserved, is determined to go against everything she believes in and wants her wildest fantasies to come true while on vacation.

On her flight, she meets the person sitting next to her, Meyer Keagan. They don't hit it off very well at first because of her klutziness. Ironically, this will change.

Arriving at the pick up point, she meets her first paranormal, a hume, named Pacer Prism. He is one of the daytime limo drivers and nighttime Blackjack dealers. As she is checking him out while she is heading into the limo, she learns very quickly that humes can read human minds. She is completely embarrassed that he now knows she is very attracted to him just by all his answers to her. He drives her to the hotel, The Platinum Nugget Casino and Hotel and offers her his business card. The porter meets her outside and takes her luggage to her room as she requested so she could check the casino out.

While walking toward one of the Blackjack tables another hume catches her eye. His name is Nigel Tennon and he is a dealer by day and a limo driver by night. He is very enchanted with her, but she nervously looks away from his gaze. He immediately gets a replacement dealer to take his place and he approaches her. Startled, she jumps and knocks into a nearby waitress carrying a tray of beverages. Now humiliated she tries to excuse herself, but Nigel insists that he will escort her to her room. She declines and races out of the casino and straight for her room. He tells the concierge that if Miss Simms needs anything, he will personally see to all her needs.

As the story progress, she finds herself strongly attracted to both humes. She ends up having fantastic, mind-blowing sex with them at separate times. Both humes are deep attracted to Maxine. They take turns being her personal servant in and out of bed. During one of her bed sessions with Nigel, he asks her what her most secret desire is. She thinks to herself that she would like to have m‚nage a trios with him and Pacer, but Nigel's disposition changes a bit upon reading her mind. She is utterly embarrassed now thinking he must think she is a freak. Reassuring her that he has seen and heard everything while working at Los Regalos, he explains that Pacer and him have this love-hate relationship. Nigel loves Pacer, but Pacer hates Nigel.

She finds out later on that Nigel and Pacer were in love with each other, but Nigel is an arrabi, a hume from the ruling class and Pacer is a ricchi, a member of the serving class. Nigel wouldn't face up to his family that he was in love with Pacer because of the hierarchy differences. In the process, Pacer overheard Nigel telling his family that he only saw him as his servant. This hurt Pacer terribly and he broke it off with Nigel. Nigel eventually owned up to his true feelings for Pacer, but his family disowned him. Nigel found out from Pacer's sister wh

Book Blurb for Double Down

After shy, hard-working Maxine Simms inherits a small chunk of money from her grandmother, she decides to be frivolous for once in her life. She books a dream weekend at Los Regalos, the world's only city run completely by paranormals and catering strictly to humans. The best thing is, Los Regalos prides itself on complete anonymity for their guests! Maxine is determined to have her every fantasy fulfilled, even if it goes against her nature.

Nigel Tennon and Pacer Prism are blackjack dealers at the Platinum Nugget Casino and Hotel in Los Regalos. Both hume-shapeshifters from the same clan -- Pacer, dark-haired and mysterious, Nigel, blue-haired and outrageously fun -- they were childhood friends until a misunderstanding drove them apart. When Maxine shows up at the Nugget, her quiet, conservative demeanor attracts the shifters, and they are both determined to have her. They get the surprise of their lives when Maxine takes a chance and tells them she wants to "double down" and have them both.

All bets are off as the two shifters decide whether they can put their differences aside to make Maxine's fantasies come true, and they discover there is more beneath the surface anger that they feel for each other than either one of them could have imagined.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.50