Delaney's Crossing

Twenty-four year old Delaney Marshall just isn’t happy with what’s going on in her life. Nothing seems to be working out for her as of late. She’s tired and thoroughly disappointed with the dating scene. Plus, Delaney just doesn’t seem to have the spark in her eyes anymore and because of this, she’s seriously making embarrassing and costly mistakes at her advertising job.

Showing up late for work on the day she has to make an important advertising pitch, it just seems that everything is going wrong for her. From leaving the house in a pair of mismatched shoes, to dirtying her business skirt in the cab ride into work, Delaney is beside herself. Grabbing her girlfriend’s shoes she quickly enters the conference room and makes one of the worst pitches of her life. Once the clients leave, Mr. Pendergrass, her boss, has a heart to heart talk with her about her recent performance issues. He forces Delaney to take a few weeks leave of absence and tells her she needs to make some serious decisions in her life. He explains that her job will still be there when she comes back, but she has to seriously want the job for him to allow her to stay on staff at his agency.

Dejected and confused, Delaney exchanges the shoes with her girlfriend and walks out of the building to the curb. Tossing her shoes on the ground, she slips her feet into each one and looks up to call a cab. Ironically though, a cab is parked and waiting for her which wasn’t there a few minutes ago. Samuel McKinney introduces himself and insists for her to ride in his cab. Hesitantly, she decides to get into the cab, but has no idea that this is going to be the strangest cab ride of her entire life. Because he’s driving recklessly, Delaney forces him to stop the cab so she can get out. Standing outside the cab now, she sees a rainbow and a bridge that was never there before. Samuel tries convincing her that she should cross over the bridge. When Delaney asks why he tells her that it will take her home. With nothing to lose she starts walking over the bridge and is shocked to find that she has just walked back in time to the Wild West 121 years ago.

Is Delaney ever able to return home? How is it possible she has stepped back in time and why was she the chosen one to do this?

This was an entertaining story with a very creative storyline. I loved the idea of Delaney crossing the bridge back into time and all along I wanted to find out why she was the chosen one. Ms. Coverstone created colorful characters for her readers to fall in love with and I couldn’t help but be drawn to Delaney and Dr. Gabriel Whitman. It was obvious there was an attraction to each other, but Delaney didn’t want to get involved with someone from 121 years ago. All she wanted to do was cross over the bridge and be back in present day again. The troubling problem she faced was she couldn’t find the bridge again no matter how hard she tried looking for it. The two big questions throughout the story were how was she supposed to get back home again if she couldn’t find the bridge and why couldn’t she find it? The only way to find out these answers is to pick up a copy! Ms. Coverstone wrote a fun story within these pages that I’m sure you’ll enjoy just as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Delaney's Crossing

A 300-year old Celtic curse unites a career woman from the present with a western doctor from the past. 

Delaney Marshall is disappointed with the dating scene and making costly mistakes in her career.  On a day when everything goes wrong, a rainbow appears and a strange little Irish cabbie urges her to cross a bridge she's never seen before--causing her to question her sanity after realizing she's stepped into a Wild West 121 years in the past.

Gabriel Whitman, a handsome bachelor with a secret, is the town doctor in 1888 Phoenix.  When a runaway wagon threatens the life of a pretty blonde in a short skirt and mismatched shoes, he pushes her out of harm's way--and more than sparks from the wagon wheels start to fly.

Somehow Delaney's traveled into another world and found the man of her dreams.  But can true love transcend the separation of time?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.00