Dangerous Magic

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Dangerous Magic

Sisters of Magic, #3

Cade, Lord of Stonelake, is harboring one of the darkest and deadliest sins on his soul. He is so ashamed of the act he committed many years ago that he won’t even divulge it to his two brothers in arms, Drogan and Grayson. They both know Cade is battling with the darkest evil that surrounds him because Nigel has possession of his soul, but they have no idea what mortal sins he has committed in the past to get him in the state of mind he’s in up to now. It is only in time that these three brothers in arms will have to face Nigel again and fight for each of their lives.


But Cade won’t hear of that. He will do whatever he must to keep Drogan and Grayson and their families alive. That is the promise he made to himself. He would rather die and completely relinquish his soul to evil Nigel then have anyone of his brothers hurt. So, he sets out in protecting these men and their families as best he knows how. He will stop at nothing to save anyone of them. Wanting to stay as far away from everyone as possible, in fear that the dark evil that envelops him will grab hold of anyone standing close to him, Cade decides to live in a cave off of Drogan’s land so he can be close to Wolfglynn and stand watch, awaiting Nigel’s return. No matter how much his brothers in arms try to convince him to live in Wolfglynn, he knows his place is in the cave away from everyone. He does this so he won’t put them in anymore danger than they already are while waiting for Nigel to show his face for the ultimate battle.


Cade has a secret crush on a witch that is helping to secure Wolfglynn with her magical powers. He finds Francesca to be a beautiful woman and he can only dream about falling in love and starting a life together with her. Though, what good is it for him to only be able to dream about a content life that he knows he will never be able to have? Why torture himself with such thoughts when he knows that Nigel owns his soul? He knows no one is able to break Nigel’s spell so he tries relinquishing any loving thoughts he has for Francesca. But when Francesca approaches him to talk, neither one believes the outcome that happens while they are together.


What happens to Francesca when she looks into Cade’s eyes? Does he harm her in anyway? Does Nigel ever come for him to finish what he started with Cade? Could Francesca be the one loving person that can help Cade reclaim his soul again?


Ms. Grant did a marvelous job with this last book in the Sisters of Magic series. There was just so much intense action going on that I continually found my heart pounding in my chest. I had wanted Cade to be able to break the spell that Nigel had over him and I wanted Francesca to be able to break the spell that all the witches carried of not being able to have long term happiness. Cade and Francesca perfectly complimented each other even though the darkness had a firm grip on Cade’s soul. I found myself hoping that Cade’s soul would be spared and that none of his brothers in arms and their families would be hurt in anyway. I wanted Francesca to be Cade’s missing link and I wanted to see them both fall in love, although I knew I wanted something that seemed so farfetched for the given situation. This was the last book in the series and Ms. Grant did not disappoint me. This series is a definite keeper in my library and I would highly recommend these three stories to other readers. Each book could stand alone though I strongly urge the reader to read all three books to get the full gratification out of the complete series this talented author wrote for her readers. Well done, Ms. Grant!   

Book Blurb for Dangerous Magic

From bestselling, award-winning author Donna Grant comes a trilogy of three women who happen to be a dying race of witches that were cursed by one of their own, and the men who stood by their side.

With the darkness holding firmly onto his soul, Cade knows he's destined for Hell. Men like him don't perform the deeds he has, regardless if they came by order of the king, and not elude the darkness...

A loner, Cade takes what the land provides and vows to keep the two men he thought of as brothers alive from the great evil after them. He knows his time is short and the evil is looking for him, but there is just enough humanity left in him to aid his friends. When the flame-haired witch finds him, Cade is instantly spellbound by her beauty. He can either forget her - or give in to the reckless, impossible love that could destroy her...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 5.00