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Cupid's Target

Lovell Cupid AKA “Cupid” and his wife, Lusty Heartrings own the upscale and prosperous department store, Heartrings. Zane Cupid, their only child, runs the department store for his parents and does a magnificent job to say the least. But this year, things are going to get ugly for Zane. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and Cupid and his wife Lusty know it’s time to have Zane grow up a bit and spread his wings, so to speak.
Zane is informed that he must fulfill some requirements for his dad’s private business, which is making two people fall in love with each other and he must make it just as prosperous as the department store is. Unfortunately, Zane wants nothing to do with Valentine’s Day or making people fall in love with each other. Honestly, at thirty-five, he feels since he doesn’t have anyone special in his life how is he going to help someone else find the love of their life?
Cupid and Lusty make a threat toward their son. Either Zane helps find a lonely soul some true love before Valentine’s Day or his parents are going to cut his spending account and revoke his trust fund. Zane isn’t at all happy to hear this. This means his precious BMW will be taken away also. Cupid tells Zane that there is a certain lady who works at the department store that needs a bit more attention than others on the list. Her name is Charity Patterson. Since Valentine’s Day is less than a week away Zane thinks he is going to lose his mind trying to fulfill his obligations as the next “Cupid.” Little does he just how hard Charity’s case is going to be for him to fulfill those obligations.
Does Zane succeed before Valentine’s Day at finding Charity someone to fall in love with? If so, who is the person she falls for? What is the story behind Charity anyway? Is it possible that Zane wins himself his own set of wings and proudly carries on the Cupid name? Or does he ultimately lose the car, the expense account and the trust fund?
This is another wonderful story by Ms. Schultz that I just adored. It was a fun, light read and numerous times Ms. Schultz’s sense of humor made me laugh out loud. I loved the idea of Zane having to prove if he was worthy or not at being another Cupid. I fell in love with Zane from the start. I felt bad for him because of all the craziness his parents were putting him through to prove himself to them. I also loved Charity because she was truly a great person, but lacked such confidence and self-esteem. I was rooting for the both of them to get what they deserved and then some. I would definitely recommend this fun and humorous story for others to read and it doesn’t have to be just around Valentine’s either. Fantastic job, JT!


Book Blurb for Cupid's Target

When your father is Cupid, love's supposed to be easy. Unfortunately, Zane has shown no interest in working in his father's family business. His parents give him an ultimatum: either he finds one lost and lonely soul a love match for Valentine's Day, or he says bye-bye to his trust fund. That leaves him one week, and once he sees Charity, he realizes he has his work cut out for him.
Charity Patterson is a department store window dresser. She's average at her job, average looking, and worse: she's a complete klutz. When her hunky boss, Zane, tells her he's going to be her fairy god-stud and help her find Mr. Right before Valentine's Day, she's all for it.
As Charity goes from frumpy to fabulous, her window displays go from mediocre to sexy. Suddenly, Zane wants more than his trust fund. He wants Charity. Will she pass up Mr. Right for her very own Cupid?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 5.00