Crossing the Lion

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Crossing the Lion

A Reigning Cats & Dogs Mystery

Jessica Popper, a veterinarian, runs a mobile vet clinic called Reining Cats & Dogs. She’s doing very well in her career and loves the freedom she has of running her mobile clinic. Things are also great in her personal life because she just married the love of her life, Nick. Ironically, one of her favorite past times is being an amateur sleuth. At this stage in her life it seems that nothing could go wrong for her. Or so she thinks.
One day her elderly neighbors, Betty and Winston, beg her to take a trip with them to Solitude Island to their friend’s mansion so they can attend a funeral. They feel that she can do a little sleuthing work while they pay their respects. You see, Linus Merrywood, who’s well-known in the corporate world, seems to have passed away quite suddenly. To add to this mystery, he felt that someone was out to kill him. It seems that there might have been foul play involved and they want to see if Jess can spot any clues that will help solve this case quicker. Feeling bad for her friends, she accepts. When they arrive on this deserted island things turn strange quickly for them.
When Jess enters this multi-million dollar estate she immediately gets the impression that she has just walked into a real live version of the famous board game Clue, meeting the butler, Miss Scarlett and all. As she does some poking around she finds out that Linus had a severe allergy to eggs and that seems to be the reason for his demise as per the autopsy report. Since he had just celebrated his birthday the medical examiner stated that it seems the birthday cake was the culprit because it contained eggs. Oddly, everyone in the family, including all the hired help, knew of his allergy and kept eggs out of the house completely. Or so they thought they had in the past.
Now Jess must try and find clues from each person that was in the mansion the night of Linus’ birthday party and hopefully it will spell out who the murderer is.
What does she find along the way while she’s talking to each family member and worker? With Jess’ sleuthing skills is she able to pinpoint the killer and his or her motive?
I absolutely loved this mystery! Ms. Baxter has a way with words and knows how to keep her readers entertained the entire time they’re reading her book. She is a very talented author and her sense of humor is hysterical. I’m new to Ms. Baxter and her writing, but I assure you I’m now a huge fan. This is a story you definitely need to add to your library and the great thing is each book is a stand-alone so you aren’t lost if you just happened to read this latest book before reading the proceeding books in this Reigning Cats & Dogs mystery series!

Book Blurb for Crossing the Lion


Veterinarian Jessica Popper is still basking in newlywedded bliss when neighbors Betty and Winston beg her to investigate the suspicious death of Linus Merrywood, king of the corporate jungle. On stormy Solitude Island, the Merrywoods have enjoyed the lion’s share of wealth for generations. But from the suspects to the surroundings, Jess feels as if she’s walked straight into an old-fashioned game of Clue—except here the stakes are life and death.

There’s the butler named Jives, a sexy assistant named Scarlett, teatime in the conservatory, and a house with secret passageways, moving walls, and a wailing aunt locked in the attic. With a storm raging around the island and Jess’s least favorite police detective assigned to the case, things are looking dire until Jess’s lionhearted husband, Nick, braves his way to Solitude to rescue her. Now it’s the two of them against a family steeped in secrets—and a killer on the prowl who’s ferociously determined to protect the biggest family secret of all.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 5.00