Cowboy's Wish

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Cowboy's Wish

Cody Armstrong was celebrating his thirty-second birthday with his mother and father. His mom insisted that he make a wish before blowing out his candles. Reminding her of his age, he told her that he was too old to be making wishes, but in actuality he was too afraid to make his wish because he figured it would never come true anyway.

He knew he had made a huge mistake walking away from his ex-fianc‚e, Melanie Rourke, over two and a half years ago. Through the information that he got through his sister, Vanessa, Melanie was engaged to be married. So making his birthday wish come true was pretty close to not happening for him.

Melanie did move on with her life after the painful breakup with Cody. She promised herself happiness and then hooked up with Dale. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a rebound relationship for her and she decided to break the engagement off. She moved to Dallas and took on a new job there being a designer for one of the big western wear companies. A fresh start was definitely what she had wanted.

On her way to her new house, not only did her new truck decide to die on her, but also it began pouring rain and her cell phone couldn't get any service to call a tow truck. So far being in Dallas wasn't giving her the fresh start she was hoping for. Getting out to open the hood to see why steam was hissing out, she heard the sound of a truck door slam and when she looked around her truck, she saw this tall, broad shouldered cowboy in fitted jeans and a Stetson walk toward her. It seemed that her luck was changing finally. Happy that a cowboy hero was rescuing her she realized when she saw who it was she knew her luck had just gotten squashed.

Who was the cowboy who helped her? How did she respond to his assistance? What happened to her new truck that caused her to breakdown? Did her luck finally change for her in the end?

I just adored this cowboy story. I felt bad for Cody because he truly realized he had made the biggest mistake of his life and now since Melanie was getting married soon, nothing was going to take the pain and loss away for him. I also sympathized for Melanie because she was so hurt from the breakup she rebounded with Dale and made a big mistake even allowing the engagement to have gone as far as it did. I love the way the story unfolds and I felt as if I was another character in the story watching everything first hand. I love Ms. Schultz's writing style and I would highly recommend her stories to others. You won't be disappointed.

Book Blurb for Cowboy's Wish

After breaking off her engagement to a man she didn't love, fashion designer Melanie Rourke has moved from Calgary to Dallas for a fresh start?as long as she can avoid running into ancient history. But fate has other ideas, and a broken-down truck and a Texas downpour leave her stranded with Cody Armstrong, the man she loved and lost. Cody loves his new ranch outside Dallas, but it didn't take him long to realize that leaving Melanie behind was a big mistake. Problem is, by the time he went back to find her, Melanie was engaged to someone else. How could he have given his heart to someone so fickle? But now he has an all-too-single Melanie in his house. Will she end up in his bed and in his arms? Only if this cowboy gets his wish.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50