Convincing Silvia

Oh Yum!

Forty-six year old Silvia was widowed for two years now. She was a nurse at the local hospital and she loved her job. Trying to move forward with her life, she just recently purchased a house and needed to buy some plants and flowers to add a personal touch to it. Going to the local nursery, she met good looking Andy who was at least ten years younger than her and they both seemed attracted to each other.
They started regularly seeing each other, but Silvia felt that Andy probably didn’t want to commit to anything serious nor was Silvia really ready to either. When they were together, they would have some of the best sex ever and each time Andy would leave afterward. Silvia understood, that because of her age, she couldn’t give Andy any children, something she figured he wanted. But as time was moving forward, they seemed to be spending quite a bit of time together for two people that might just be interested in each other for sex. Or could there be more between them after all?
Did anything more come out of the arrangement that Silvia and Andy had together? Could there be a possibility they were both developing feelings for each other?
Ms. Aislinn penned a sexy read for her readers to enjoy. I loved how she wrote about the vulnerabilities of her characters and made both Silvia and Andy believable in their own way. I loved Silvia because she was morphing into a different lady whenever she was around Andy. Ms. Aislinn made the characters grow and come to a mutual decision where they both felt their lives should go. I enjoyed this story and would recommend it to other readers.

Book Blurb for Convincing Silvia

Silvia knows Andy is just using her for sex. Why else would a gorgeous young landscape designer bother with a widowed nurse? Whatever Andy's reasons, the affair gives her a new lease on life. In bed or in the bathtub or wherever else Andy wants her body, she'll give as good as she gets. As long as the relationship remains strictly physical, they'll both be satisfied.

The more heated things get, the more permanent Andy wants them to become, but Silvia is certain her age makes their future impossible. There is only one way to convince her otherwise. If sex is all she'll accept, Andy will gladly use her body to get to her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.75