Class Clown

Erotic, BDSM

As grade-school classmates, Anthony Bennetti and Adrian Jackson, got themselves into some mischief that landed Anthony back then in some trouble at school. Years later, doing a favor for his sister because her and her husband couldn't go, Anthony played substitute parent for his nephew who was sick and missing school. He went to his nephew's teacher and Assistant Principal to discuss things and to get his nephew's schoolwork. He never thought that the Assistant Principal was going to be Adrian. She was all grown up and very sexy. When he stood near her she was just radiating sexual energy. They hit it off immediately and they got busy finding out more about each other.

How well did Anthony and Adrian hit it off? Did he make any moves on her to let her know that he was interested in her? If so, how far did she allow him to go with her?

This was book two of the First Night Series written by Mr. Erato. The storyline was extremely unique and creative. This story was a fast-paced read for me and the descriptions were very vivid.

Book Blurb for Class Clown

Reunited grade-school classmates spark a first night of passion in a kindergarten classroom. When you add one hot ex-soldier just back from Afghanistan to a sensuous assistant principal unable to control her erotic urges, and multiply by an aggressive dominance and sexual submission, what do you get? You have an all-night lesson in extreme sensuality, bondage and release, and the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 3.00