Christmas Spirit

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Christmas Spirit

Charlotte Prescott, the newest owner who inherited her Aunt May’s home, isn’t certain about talking to Sam Landry from the tabloid paper Scoop. You see, in telling her neighbor and good friend of the family, Lillian Bing, that Charlie thought the house is haunted only made her friend quickly get the tabloid involved for the latest town scoop. Although all that Charlie really wants to do is live rent-free for one year and work on finishing the book she started back in college, it seems now Sam is pressing her for a story. This in turn is making her change her mind about the things she originally held important to her. What will the town think of her when they find out for the first time in all the years the Prescott generations have lived there that a ghost resides there as well?

But as Sam keeps returning back to Charlie’s house for supposedly more information for his story, an attraction deepens between him and Charlie. This isn’t what either of them was planning on at this point in their lives. There are definitely strange occurrences happening in the Prescott house, but will Charlie and Sam be able to keep business and pleasure separate when they’re together? Do they find out if the house is truly haunted and what do they find out while working together?
This was a fun, ghostly holiday tale that I truly enjoyed. I loved the sexual chemistry that was happening between Charlie and Sam and I found myself hoping they would act upon the attraction they felt for each other. This was definitely a unique holiday storyline wrapped around some paranormal occurrences and I felt that Ms. Garvey did a wonderful job throughout. I enjoyed getting to know Charlie and Sam better and I had hoped they would find all the answers they were searching for – both with the supposed haunting and deep within themselves too. I simply lost track of the time as I was reading this novel. If you’re looking for something new and fresh to wet your palate, I feel this would be the perfect choice regardless of what time of year it is.

Book Blurb for Christmas Spirit

Deck the haunted halls for a romantic holiday starring one shy writer and a cynical journalist...and oh yes, a ghost….

Snow on the roofs and wreaths on the doors and chains on the tires…isn't Christmas in New England wonderful? But Charlotte Prescott is too busy taking in super-sexy reporter Sam Landry to notice the nip in the air. Make that the nip in the air alternating with the scorching heat that rises whenever she and Sam are alone together. Charlotte would be happy to forget the supernatural third wheel who seems to be staying for the season in the quaint old house she inherited. It is real. Someone's slurping down all the good eggnog. And something is drawing Charlie and Sam together under the mistletoe—not to mention everywhere else. Happy holidays!

Directions for mixing Fabulous Christmas Cocktails included!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.00