Christmas Mischief

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Christmas Mischief

Amber and her black lab, Charlie were heading to Grandma's house, which was an hour and fifteen minutes away, so they could spend Christmas together. On her way there, Charlie was less than cooperative. He just wouldn't listen to Amber no matter how stern she sounded or no matter how many times she repeated herself. Finally, letting him have his way, she continued on her way to Grandma's.

During her trip, she experienced even more aggravation. Her car got a flat tire on one of the highways. Getting out of the car without any hat, gloves or coat on, she went to inspect the problem. Charlie became inquisitive and hopped into the front seat. Luck wasn't going to get any better for Amber. Unfortunately, Charlie stepped on the automatic door lock button and locked Amber out of the car. Now she was freezing from the extremely cold, snowy weather, locked out of her car and having a flat tire all on Christmas Eve. She knew she had to get into her car some how to get her cell phone to call for help, but it seemed the only way to get into her car would be to break the window. Scouting around in the nearby ditch for some kind of heavy object to break the window, she came across a rock. Heading back to the car she realized that Charlie was really complicating matters at this point because he wouldn't stay out of the way so Amber could break the window.

Deep in thought Amber was startled out of her mind by a male voice coming up behind her. He asked her what exactly she was doing and she began to answer all his questions. He offered for her to sit in his pick up truck to warm up while they waited for the tow truck to come. She accepted, but not without making certain she memorized his features and scoped out any suspicious stuff in his truck in case he was a serial killer or anyone wanted by the police.

Does this stranger have true intentions to only help Amber or does he have an ulterior motive with her? Does she find out who he was? Does she ever get through the ordeal unscathed and make it to Grandma's?

Ms. Columbus writes with such humor. I was cracking up with Charlie's innocent antics and feeling so sorry for Amber not having the easiest of times trying to get to Grandma's house. I love Ms. Columbus' writing style and I look forward to reading more stories from her. You will not be disappointed if you pick this one up for yourself.

Book Blurb for Christmas Mischief

What could be worse than driving down a county road on a cold, snowy December afternoon and getting a flat tire... Being locked out of your car by your exuberant dog, acting like a fool trying to get back in when a tall dark handsome stranger stops and then the man doesn't ask for your phone number.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 5.00