Chasing Her Dreams

Devin Fuller, a romance novelist, was suffering from quite a bit of heartache lately. To the day, one year ago, her grandmother passed away, her parents split up and the man she had been dating for a few months accepted a job offer in Europe. If that wasn't bad enough, she suffered from an extremely bad case of writer's block causing her to not be able to complete any of her stories and her beloved cat ran away.

What really concerned Devin lately though was she had been experiencing dreams for several weeks now and they always had the same woman's face in them. The woman was always shrouded in a gray mist, but although Devin didn't recognize her, she sensed a familiarity about her. The woman was dressed in white all the time and always called to Devin. She had the deep pulling feeling that she should return to Monhegan, where she spent every summer in her grandparents' house.

Jumping out of yet another dream with the lady in white, Devin decided to hop the last ferry over to Monhegan. She just had to find out why she was being pulled there. Because a bad storm was heading in, the captain cancelled the last run of the day. Devin was extremely upset with this news. She had to get to Monhegan and she tried using a family emergency as her excuse. Although it didn't change the outcome of the ferry running, a man off in the near distance overheard the urgency in her voice and offered her a ride on his boat, though twice the amount of money the ferry was going to cost her. She jumped at the only offer she had to get there.

She learned his name was Kipp Sullivan and when he helped her on his boat she felt electricity flow through her fingers. She felt oddly comfortable with this man even though she had never met him before. The ride to Monhegan was a rough one to say the least. Once they arrived the weather reared itself making it virtually impossible for them to even return back that day. While she went to go have a look at the lighthouse she was being drawn to, not far from her grandparents' house, Kipp set off to secure them both rooms for the night. Once Devin made it to the lighthouse she was in for a few surprises that she could never prepare herself for.

What did Devin see at the lighthouse? Was she the only one who witnessed it? Was it the answer to why she was having those strange dreams? What did she finally find out in the end?

I enjoyed this story by Ms. Coverstone because I was feeling the same pulling feeling that Devin was experiencing. I wondered what was so special that she had the strange imaginary pull to the lighthouse. I loved the surprise ending and thoroughly felt entertained throughout the entire story. I would definitely recommend this story to other readers.

Book Blurb for Chasing Her Dreams

DEVIN FULLER has dreamt for weeks of the mysterious woman in white beckoning to her from atop the island lighthouse. On the anniversary of her grandmother's death, Devin hires local fisherman KIPP SULLIVAN to ferry her across the bay to Monhegan Island during a storm.

When it appears that the lighthouse, an old oil painting, and two spirits from beyond are all pieces of a puzzle meant to bring Devin together with this man, she must ask herself: Is this fate? Or is she simply chasing her dreams?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00