Chasing Clover

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Chasing Clover

Nashville O'Leary was lucky enough to be not only the CEO of the family business, Lucky Ice Cream, but also part owner of the business as well. Sales weren't doing as well as they should have been and his father equated that to Nash putting all his attention into chasing all the females in the office instead of working hard to make the business prosper like it should. The only way that Charlie O'Leary, Nash's Dad, felt he could remedy this bad situation was by hiring his best friend, Mikey Callaghan's daughter, Clover. She was going to be the new advertising executive and she was going to be the solution to the falling ice cream sales.

Clover wasn't really happy about taking on this 9 to 5 position because it was cutting into her surfing time and she didn't really need the money. She was doing well being a consultant and making a good living with it. She could surf whenever she felt like it and that was a love of hers. Something tugged at her heartstrings though because Charlie begged her to come on board. She finally caved in and accepted the position. She had only hoped that Nash had changed since the last time they had seen each other. He was hot when he was seventeen and kissed very well. She could only hope that he was bald and fat now to make her job even easier.

When Nash found out that morning that Clover was now working for the company, he was angry to say the least. His father threatened him and told him that he had to increase the company's sales over the summer and he had to give his parents a grandchild or else he would be fired from the company. Now everyone knew that Nash was a playboy and not only was he not the settling down type, but also he was not ready to have a baby. His father stood firm with his threat to Nash. The last thing Nash wanted to do was lose the company, but nor was he ready for a wife and kids.

What did Nash decide to do? How was Clover received when she went to work at Lucky Ice Cream? Was Clover able to provide Nash any advice on how to increase sales so he wouldn't lose the company? Did Nash decide that it was time to settle down finally and have a child to appease his father? Did Clover succeed at making Lucky Ice Cream successful again?

This was another of Ms. Schultz's stories that was just a pure pleasure to read. Clover and Nash played off each other extremely well and the humor throughout the story had me laughing out loud. Ms. Schultz definitely has a way with words and she is an awesome storyteller. This is a definite keeper in my library. I know you will enjoy this story as much as I did. Keep the stories coming, JT!

Book Blurb for Chasing Clover

Nashville O'Leary's family's company Lucky Ice Cream is floundering and his father has laid down the ultimatum: increase sales and give him a grandchild or kiss the company good-bye. Nash's playboy days have just come to a halt and he is fresh out of luck, Irish or not, he needs a four-leaf clover, not a beach crazed hippy chick named Clover who sends his temperature up past his Armani tie and his blood pumping south below his belt.

Clover Callaghan has the good life--single and surf ready. When the owner of Lucky Ice Cream throws himself down at her business savvy, sand covered feet to help reel in his son and save the company, what's a girl to do? Only, she wasn't counting on Nash hunkier than sin, having to ditch her cut-offs and swimwear for suits and (gasp) nylons, or her hunky boss wanting her to have his baby. Bad luck or what?

Sales aren't the only thing that skyrocket, so does the tension. It's a sexy race to save the company and father a child that has Nash chasing Clover, but can he win the girl and get back the luck of the Irish?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 5.00