Catching The Muse

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Catching The Muse

Marianna, who was a very successful violinist, bought her first home after her life changing car accident. She had to go into early retirement because the doctors just couldn't fix some of the damage to her right arm that she had sustained from the accident. Since this altered her life dramatically, she figured it was time to settle down by buying a house and eventually meeting someone who she could settle down with.

The house she bought though wasn't just any house in Little Heat. It happened to be the house that was owned many years ago by her favorite composer Frederick von Helgin. She overheard that the house had a resident ghost previous years ago, but it seemed that the past few owners seemed to scare Frederick away. Now since she owned it, she had hoped the composer would come back and she would be honored to share the house with him.

It seemed that Marianna wasn't the only one going through a life-changing event. Mike Sorenson, an artist who had recently divorced his second wife, made a decision to move back to Little Heat to the family's home to start his life over again too. The night he arrived, he decided to stop by Peter's house, an old friend and neighbor from years ago. Once he knocked on the door he was surprised to hear that Peter had moved away. There was something that sparked between Marianna and Mike though. Something that was quite unexplainable.

Did anything ever come about after Marianna and Mike's meeting? Did Frederick ever make an appearance since Marianna bought the house?

I must admit that although the story had a good storyline going, I wasn't completely satisfied with how the story unfolded. I loved the idea of the resident ghost, but I just wished more was wrapped around the ghost. Also, there were three different name references throughout the entire story. In the blurb describing the story the name Marianne was used. As I read the first page of the story the name was now Marianna. As I continued onto the next page, the name now being used was Madeline. Still continuing onward, the name went back to Marianna. I would have thought that a major mistake such as this one would have been caught prior to this.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 2.50