Carole's Awakening

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Carole's Awakening

Carole is heading to her Thursday night class at the university while a freakish winter snowstorm hits. The plows can’t keep up with clearing the streets and the university decides to cancel classes. She is excited because all she can think about it heading home to spend some quality time with her husband this evening. 
She figures they can rekindle some of the old dating excitement they experienced in the past. Things became routine for them and she figures that tonight would be the perfect night to add some spice to their relationship. It has been a year since the last time they were intimate with each other, but Carole’s plan tonight are going to change that for them.
She arrives home and hears some noises upstairs in their bedroom. She figures it’s just her husband watching some television. She grabs a bottle of wine, two crystal glasses and heads to change into some sexy lingerie. Carole heads toward her master bedroom and is in for the surprise of her life.
What does Carole see when she opens her bedroom door? Does her husband even know she came home early? How does she react to what she is witnessing?
This was a fun, short and erotic read by Ms. Bagratuni. When I started reading it I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but as I progressed through the story I was thoroughly entertained. This was the first story I read by this author and I would definitely look into other stories written by her. This one is worth picking up if you want a short, erotic read to sink into a comfortable chair with!

Book Blurb for Carole's Awakening

When Carole saw her husband in bed with two women she felt betrayed – and excited. With nowhere to run she found herself in lonely roadside diner. Was her lustful encounter with handsome and mysterious waiter David a dream – or did it happen? Would it – could it – happen again? Carole desperately wanted to know.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00