Brought To Life

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Brought To Life

Megan Hurst’s life has been throwing some curve balls at her lately. She is unemployed and having the most difficult time trying to find any job that she can stumble upon. Because of a lack of a job and having no money to support herself, her best friend, Carlita, allows her to stay in her apartment with her until Megan gets back on her feet again. These two girls are so close they’re constantly sharing each other’s things.
Being a big romance fan, Carlita talks Megan into reading one of her favorite novels, Noble Hearts by Virginia Lace. Megan really doesn’t want to read the book, but she takes it anyway as just not to offend her friend. After going to a job interview at a local coffee shop, she’s informed that she doesn’t meet the criteria they’re looking for because she lacks the “people personality” that’s needed for the job. With nowhere else to be, Megan decides to head to another neighboring shop to have a chocolate éclair to drown her sorrows in. Finding herself a lonely table away from the other customers, she sits with her back to the busy street and starts to eat away her worries. She pulls out Carlita’s romance novel and begins reluctantly reading it. She finds her curiosity is piqued when she reads the page devoted to the description of the handsome hero. Now engrossed in the story, she hears tires squealing nearby and looks up from the book just in time to witness a blue car colliding into a dark-coated man. Instantaneously, the man falls down to the ground. It’s from this moment on that everything begins to change for Megan.
After Megan runs over to assist as best she could, what does she do to comfort the injured man? Once the EMT’s arrive and begin working on the man, while stepping away to give them room, what does Megan find on the ground near the accident? Does she decide to go to the hospital to make certain the gentleman is alright after everything is said and done? How does Megan’s life begin to change for her since helping this stranger?
Ms. England wrote an engrossing story within these pages. I felt bad for Megan that she wasn’t having much luck in anything as of late. I thought it was such a nice gesture for her to take it upon herself to help the injured man after he was hit. I was hoping that she would decide to follow up with him after he was assessed and settled in the hospital. I even had hoped that maybe something would come out of this encounter for the both of them. The author weaved a few nice twists and turns into her storyline and it made me want to quickly turn the pages to see what was going to happen next. She definitely created a unique storyline and it only made me want to know how things were going to turn out for her characters. Ms. England is a new author to me and I would definitely be interested in seeing what other books she has to offer in the near future.

Book Blurb for Brought To Life

Megan's dashing Duke escapes from a novel into real life.

Megan Hurst's life has taken some unexpected turns: First she loses her heart to the dashing hero of a novel. And then she meets an amnesia victim who seems just like him.

The mysterious stranger needs her help to piece his past together, and the closer the two become, the more questions arise about his resemblance to a "fictional" character.

Megan's romantic feelings and her bizarre suspicions bring her to an impossible question... Has she dreamed the Duke to life.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.00