Bonbons and Truffles

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Bonbons and Truffles

Melody Sweet was a lonely, single girl who owned her own chocolate shop in the town of Paulsbo, Washington. Valentine's Day was fast approaching and business would definitely be picking up. Years prior she always handled the shop alone, but this year she decided to hire an assistant to help out with the overabundance of customers. A pretty teenager named Charlotte got the job and instantly hit it off with Melody.

This year proved to be different for Melody in many ways. Since hiring pretty, Charlotte, which every guy seemed to take notice to, Melody's business was busier than any other year. She also seemed to take notice to the man who owned the bookstore across the street. She thought he was very handsome, but didn't know anything about him.

Finally, Valentine's Day arrived and while everyone else was going out on romantic dates with their significant other, Melody had a special night planned all of her own.

What did Melody have planned for this special holiday? Did it include the bookstore owner? Would this evening's plans finally end her lonely streak?

I thought this story was an absolutely charming tale to read. You can't help but feel sorry for Melody for being so lonely. I found myself cheering for her the entire time I read the story. I would definitely read other stories by Ms. Wilson.

Book Blurb for Bonbons and Truffles

Lonely, single girl Melody Sweet has a way with chocolate, making delectable concoctions so others may show their affection. But she has no special man in her life, no one to share her love of sweet treats. Her world turns upside-down on Valentine's Day when she simultaneously acquires a precious English Cocker Spaniel puppy and a secret admirer. Will Melody and her puppy, Bonbon, solve the mystery of who is leaving flowers and dog biscuits on her doorstep?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00