Bombshell 2 Boardroom

Candace Charming had everything a girl wanted and everything a guy wanted in a girl. She was blonde and beautiful, sexy and smart. Unfortunately, her father and everyone else in their family business, Charming Chocolates, believed that she was just a dumb blonde with frivolous things on her mind such as her eccentric Siamese cat, Mr. Sweetums, her shopping sprees, her spa appointments and spending exorbitant amounts of money all the time.

Her father, Bernard, the head of the company, made everyone aware of the fact that sales were much lower than usual during one of their regular board meetings and that there might be a merger sometime in the near future. Randal, the Advertising Director, became worried just like everyone else. As the meeting was going on, Candace barged in and disrupted everything. Snickers could be heard from around the table, but especially from Nancy, the arrogant and uptight woman from the sales department. Irate with Candace, her father rudely dismissed her from the room. She left, but wasn't very happy with how she was being treated in the process.

Then it hit Randal. What the company need was a fresh, new approach to increase the company's revenue. They were aiming at a market that fit Candace's lifestyle. Who better than to get ideas from her? Approaching Bernard after the board meeting, a bet was placed. Randal was going to get Candace primped and ready to go from a bombshell to a boardroom executive and if he was successful, Bernard would not only give him one million dollars, but also promote him to the CEO position that he had his eye on. In turn, if Randal didn't accomplish this goal, he would have to resign from his position at Charming Chocolates.

Did Randal accept the proposition? Did he believe in himself enough that he could transform Candace to be a boardroom executive and in doing so, save the company from future disaster? Did Candace decide to help out? If so, was the company saved or did it take a disastrous turn for the worse?

This was a witty and provocative story penned by Ms. Schultz. She definitely outdid herself again with this one. From the first moment that I was introduced to Candace I sympathized with her with how everyone dubbed her the "dumb blonde." I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she was highly educated and knew more about the chocolate business than some of the executives that held seats on the board. I loved her feistiness and I laughed out loud at her antics. This one is definitely a keeper in my library and I assure you that it is well worth picking up. I promise you that you won't be disappointed with this story!

Book Blurb for Bombshell 2 Boardroom

Candace Charming is definitely more than a pretty face, so when Randal approaches her to help with the new advertising direction, how can she say no? Helping the delicious executive is the perfect way to prove to her father that she has a head on her well-dressed shoulders. Things don’t always go according to plan, like falling for Randal, finding out about the bet with her father or discovering Charming Chocolates hangs in financial ruins. Suddenly, it's the battle of the sexes. Randal Stevens bet Bernard Charming a million dollars he can turn Bernard's blonde shopaholic daughter into a boardroom savvy member of staff. Women are Randal's specialty, especially beautiful ones like Candace. Only he wasn't counting on the sexy bombshell to send his libido into overdrive nor the fact her crazy Siamese Mr. Sweetums' therapy is part of the package. With his head spinning from her beauty and brains, a question comes into play. Can he and Candace turn their lust into love and save the company along the way?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 5.00