Blind Love

Poor Dr. Jared Fields is dealing with a curse now for ten years that a patient, who is an evil witch, happened to place upon him when he declined to return her sentiment. Her curse consisted of turning Jared into a disfigured beast of a man by day and then a shape shifter by night. 
This curse seems to destroy Jared’s life so much that he has to give up practicing medicine because his patients shudder in horror at his grotesque and contorted features he now displays.
One night, while roaming around as the shape shifter jaguar that he is, he happens to hear some intense explosions rumble through the ravine. As he neared the edge of the cliff, he sees the crashed airplane burning below. He immediately gets the feeling that someone’s life is in danger and he hurriedly races down the mountain toward the wreckage.
Back at his house, he cares for the only survivor of the plane crash, Anna Stodger. Because of the accident, she is now blind and broken-spirited because her father doesn’t make it out alive. Jared nurses the patient as much as he can, thankful that she cannot see how disfigured a monster he really is. As soon as she is strong enough, he sets up an appointment for her to get more treatment done by one of his fellow medical colleagues. Since this plane accident, his life is now changed forever.
Does Anna ever receive her sight back? Does she ever return to see Jared to thank him for his kindness and medical care he supplied during a time when she needed assistance the most? Is there any way the curse could finally be broken so Jared could return to a normal life again?
From the first sentence, Ms. Tumlin pulled me into the story. My heart bled for poor Jared for what he was going through and for the loneliness that was happening to him since he had been cursed ten years prior. I also felt the mix of emotions that injured Anna was going through. Not only was she dealing with her medical issues, but also she was facing the sadness of her father’s death resulting from the plane crash. I found myself being hopeful that both of these victims of fate could help each other through the most difficult times of their lives. Mr. Tumlin pens a story that not only entertains you, but also makes your heart bleed for Jared and Anna.

Book Blurb for Blind Love

Dr. Jared Fields spurned the love of an evil witch ten years ago. In retribution, she cast a spell on him that only true love can break. Now, he lives in solitude deep in the Smokey Mountains as a disfigured man by day and shape shifter by night. His only reprieve is the few hours between dusk and dawn when he shifts into a jaguar to forget that no woman could ever love him now.
Anna Stodger is lucky to be alive. As the sole survivor of a tragic plane crash, she is left blind and broken-spirited until a kind stranger takes her in and nurses her back to health.  With Jared's tender touch and heart of gold, Anna soon realizes that she is falling in love with the enigmic doctor. But, will her love survive when she regains her sight and realizes the man she loves is really a beast of the night?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.75