Blazing Bedtime Storeis, Volume IV

Blaze #525

In Cupid’s Bite by Kimberly Raye, Lucy Rivers inherits a dog that supposedly has the ability to bring people together when he bites them. The farthest thing Lucy wants is a commitment or even this darn dog, but it seems that there is a higher power working against her.

Many years ago she dated Navy SEAL Rayne Montana and things didn’t work out for them. Now, Rayne shows up again at Skull Creek, Texas and is a changed person on so many levels. When he sees Lucy for the first time in years, he’s inundated with so many mixed emotions. But can he tell Lucy the truth about what happened to him one night while he was serving his country in the Afghan mountains? Could it work out between them this time around?

In I Wish He Might by Samantha Hunter, reporter Nina Larson is getting the opportunity to change her life for the better when she stumbles upon a gold ring. That gold ring allows her to unlock a jinn named Alec that will grant her three wishes that must be heartfelt. As she begins requesting her wishes, she finds herself developing strong feelings for Alec. But can a jinn fall in love with a mortal? Does Alec have the same feelings for Nina? If so, could they make this relationship work between them?

I overall found these two stories entertaining and I enjoyed getting to know the main characters. In Ms. Raye’s story, I was hoping that Rayne could overcome his new obstacle and make it work with Lucy. I knew they both had feelings for each other, but I was hoping they were deep enough for them to figure out a plan to make it work this time around.  For Ms. Hunter’s story, I found myself enjoying the idea of being granted three wishes from the heart. I couldn’t help but wonder if getting involved with Alec was worth it since so much was at stake if they were to take the next step. These two stories were enjoyable to read and I look forward to reading many more stories from both of these talented writers.

Book Blurb for Blazing Bedtime Storeis, Volume IV

Bestselling authors Kimberly Raye and Samantha Hunter invite you to experience a little magic, a little mystery…and a lot of really hot sex!

Cupid's Bite by Kimberly Raye

When dark falls in Skull Creek, Texas, Lucy Rivers has the most incredible lover in her bed! Between the blindfolds and his bold lips, she's finding an ecstasy she only dreamed about. Her nighttime Cupid pierces her with his every erotic want…and then some! Too bad he's only there until the sun comes up….

I Wish He Might… by Samantha Hunter

Nina Larson has a personal genie…seductive, sexy Alec! Her every wish is his command…and does she ever have some X-rated wishes! Each desire he fulfills propels her into another, even hotter one. But Nina holds the key to Alec's freedom. Problem is, she's not sure she can surrender the most fantastic sex of her life!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.50