Blazing Bedtiem Stories, Volume III

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Blazing Bedtiem Stories, Volume III

Blaze #513

In Ms. Carrington’s story, “The Body That Launched a Thousand Ships,” Elena Anastasios is engaged to be married to a much older gentleman, Manolis Philippidis, who’s a wealthy Greek entrepreneur. Manolis was her late father’s best friend and has helped Elena and her family since her father’s death. When the family plummeted into poverty once her father’s secret regarding the lack of money that was in the family’s business was made known, Manolis provided relief for them so they could get back on their feet again. Part of that plan was Elena’s hand in marriage. Elena believes that she truly loves Manolis and now while staying on a secluded Greek island days before their wedding, Elena’s feelings for Manolis are truly put to the test when she meets Ari Metaxas, an incredibly handsome man she finds she’s attracted to. Does anything happen between Elena & Ari that could jeopardize her wedding day?
In Ms. Weber’s story, “You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs,” poor Sebastian Lane has a curse placed on him while covering a story about a witch’s club sex activities for the magazine he writes for. The curse entails him putting a woman’s needs before his own and until he does this he’ll remain impotent. This is a devastating hit for him because he was known in the past to be a playboy and all the girls knew he was great in bed. Now, with this curse placed on him, things have taken a turn for the worse with his love life. That is until he works with Jordan Olliver, who is the daughter to the owner of the magazine he works for. She’s beautiful, smart and working for the magazine too. What happens when Sebastian & Jordan end up at her father’s cabin for the weekend away from everyone and everything that troubles them back home? Do they dare to get to know each other beyond just being colleagues to one other? Would it even be worth taking the risk?
I really enjoyed these two stories and found myself losing track of time while I was reading them. These are two very talented authors that know how to tell a story and keep you coming back for more. This is a book that you can look forward to getting lost in for an hour or so. Great job ladies! Keep the great stories coming!

Book Blurb for Blazing Bedtiem Stories, Volume III

Fan favorites Tori Carrington and Tawny Weber invite you to indulge in two tales of love, adventure... and really hot sex!

The Body That Launched a Thousand Ships by Tori Carrington

Elena Anastasios is finally going to get her fairy-tale wedding. Little does she know that ultra-hot Ari Metaxas is about to steal her away from her groom-to-be. Or that he intends to give her multiple mind-blowing reasons to believe that he's the better man!

You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs... by Tawny Weber

Reporter Sebastian Lane knows he's tangled with the wrong woman when she puts a curse on him to lose his sexual mojo! It's going to take a real woman to save him. Luckily, Jordan Olliver has a weakness for Sebastian, warts and all....

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.00