Beauty's Beast

Holly was born in a little seaside town named Shy-verez where she was the last of four daughters. Sadly, her father passed only five months prior to her birth and because of this, her mother was not able to bond with her. She feels that she was delivered to an ungrateful and overworked mother.
The town has a resident that everyone knows about, but wants nothing to do with. He is known as the Beast and lives in a castle high on a hill above the town. He often looks down upon the town folk. His castle stands all alone, intentionally built there for him. The Beast chose his castle in the sky long before Holly was even born. Ironically, as Holly grew up, her fascination with the Beast also grew. She feels an affinity for him because she too feels alone even though she has her mother and her sisters.
As the years pass, Holly continues to disappear into the woods to study the Beast and his castle. She entertains herself for hours by studying his ways, his movements and how he lives in his world. Her mother repeatedly threatens Holly wishing that the Beast would just take her daughter away. Instead of being frightened by this idea, Holly grows more curious about him.
In the woods one day, she comes across a gentleman by the name of Ristan. He is very tall and extremely handsome. He explains to Holly that he is in search of his true love and he thinks that he might have found her. They speak for awhile and continue meeting early in the day over a period of time.   Meeting this early poses a problem for Holly because she must get all her tedious chores done first for her mother than for anyone that her mother hires her out to. Weeks pass and Holly realizes she is in love with Ristan, but doesn’t understand why he hasn’t asked for her hand in marriage yet. She feels as if something is missing with him.
One Sunday, a gentleman appears at Holly’s family’s house, but it isn’t Ristan as she hopes. The gentleman explains he is requesting to speak to Holly and her mother only. He informs them that he was sent to ask for Holly’s hand in marriage on behalf of his master. Bewildered, Holly asks who his master is and he tells them it is Alexavier Verrada.
Who is Alexavier Verrada? Why didn’t Alexavier not come and ask for Holly’s hand in marriage himself? Why was Holly chosen out of all her sisters? Did they know who Mr. Verrada even was?
I loved this story by Jane E. Jones. It reminded me of a fairy tale in some ways where a poor girl gets rescued by a handsome and rich suitor. I instantly fell in love with Holly and I sympathized for her because of her mother’s treatment toward her. I wanted Ristan to be the one who married her, but in the end I saw how she better suited Alexavier. The story was very entertaining from start to finish and I would definitely recommend it for others to read. Don’t pass this one up!

Book Blurb for Beauty's Beast

In the small town of Shy-verez, a beautiful woman meets the man of her dreams. Then, she meets the beast. When the beast sends for her and her prince does nothing to keep her, she goes to the beast.
She discovers magic, secrets, and sex, and finds out that things, and people, are not always as they seem.
And in the end, her love is what will matter most of all.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.50