Beauty And The Geek

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Beauty And The Geek

Rebecca Richardson was the ideal mate to her best friend, Louie Becker. He was in love with her since grade school and he always knew that he wanted to be with Becky. Problem was Becky just saw Louie as a nerdy, computer geek friend - never anyone that she would consider dating. To add to the misery, Becky's dad abandoned her mother while she was carrying Becky. This feeling of abandonment made Becky feel that she didn't want the marriage and kids package all her family and friends were going after.

Louie took his crush very seriously and even vocally would make Becky aware of what he wanted, but she never took him seriously. She knew he had a major crush on her since they were kids, but just took it as playful flirting with her geek friend. Little did she know just how serious Louie was and at just what lengths he would go to show her. He would have done anything for her at anytime unselfishly and lovingly.

Unfortunately, at times she knew that he would always give into her needs and wishes, but she never reciprocated it until Louie took on the major renovation project of the Ryan's old abandoned mansion that Becky just adored. She told Louie that she would help him renovate it to its original state because she always dreamed that house was hers as a kid growing up. There was something about the place that just tugged at Becky's heart. Now since the new owner hired him, she figured this was the only way she would ever get to enjoy it.

She kept asking why the owner wasn't around at all supervising the renovations. He told her that the owner gave him full rein of the project and there was to be no restraints on how much it would cost because the owner wanted it back to its original condition. Becky thought that was fantastic and jumped right into the repairs and renovations. She would always refer to the owner as Mr. Mystery and wished one day she would get to meet him.

Faithfully after working her secretary position at Peterson and Peterson's law firm during the day, she would rush to the mansion to start working with Louie at night. The project was expected to take a year to complete and Louie told her that as celebration for finishing the renovations the owner was going to throw an old fashioned themed masquerade ball and it was going to be on Valentine' s Day. The theme would be famous lovers in history.

As the renovations were nearing complete, Louie told Becky that Mr. Mystery took the liberty of picking out a beautiful Victorian gown for her because of the beautiful work she was doing with Louie to the mansion. Becky was extremely excited because Mr. Mystery was going to be flying in from Europe and attending the ball. She was finally going to meet him. Louie wasn't going to get dressed up, but Becky at least convinced him to wear a tuxedo. He felt that he was really only there to work the lights and music for the ball and since he didn't know how to dance he wasn't going to make a fool of himself in front of the entire town that attended the ball.

Was Becky's dream coming true that she was going to be the princess of the ball in the house that she always thought of as her own even though it wasn't? Did she ever get to meet Mr. Mystery? Who was he? How did Louie feel about her meeting this European guy and possibly sweeping her off her feet and away from him?

Ms. Adams did a superb job telling this story and I fell in love with the mansion just like Becky did. The characters were very engaging and the storyline was fantastic. I found myself not wanting the story to end. It held my attention from the very beginning and it was such a page tuner. This story is a definite keeper in my library and I assure you that you won't be disappointed adding this one to yours. I eagerly look forward to other stories from Ms. Adams and I would even love a sequel to this one.

Book Blurb for Beauty And The Geek

Becky Richardson's motto is love `em and leave `em. The only man she trusts is her best friend Louie, the local computer shop owner and resident geek. When a mysterious man shows up at a masquerade ball and sweeps her off her feet, will she remember that men are good for only one thing or will she let down her guard and open her heart?

Louie Hanson has adored Becky since they were in junior high. He lives under no illusion that the former prom queen will ever see him as anything but her geeky friend. In disguise he arrives at the Valentine's Day Ball and manages to take her breath away. Now he's playing a dual role, knowing when she finds out it will be the end of any hope for a relationship with her and the friendship they once shared. How could he ever have thought this was a good idea? How can he stop fulfilling every one of his own fantasies by having Becky in his arms?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 5.00