Bachelor Bid

Rosy Scott was helping to do some last minute preparations before the Hicksville Bachelors' Ball began. Helping run the ball was always very stressful for her and it seemed that it never got easier from year to year. This was her third year on the Bachelors' Ball Committee and she vowed it would be her last. While running around, she was aggressively propositioned by one of the most popular and most talked about bachelor's, Benedict Laverton. He didn't want to be bided on by just anyone in the audience so he asked Rosy to bid five thousand dollars of his own money to save him from the agony of being auctioned off to the hungry man-eating women only audience.

Going against her better judgment, she reluctantly accepted the proposition to help Benedict out. Little did she know just how much that decision was going to impact her and her two sons lives.

The auction opened with Benedict being the first bachelor and the bidders started going wild. Rosy clammed up though and didn't make any acknowledgement to offer any bids - at least for awhile anyway. Benedict was dying on the stage. He wondered what was wrong with her that she wasn't saying a word and not keeping to her promise to help him out. Finally, getting past her nerves, she jumped in and the bidding got even hotter and higher. So much so that the bidding got past the agreed amount of five thousand dollars and raised to ten thousand by Rosy because at this point it seemed a bidder was going to win Benedict after all. Throwing all caution out the window with this decision, she was fearful that she had upset Benedict because they hadn't spoken about the possibility of the amount being anywhere over the five thousand dollar they agreed upon.

Was Rosy the winner after all? If so, how did Benedict feel that she spent so much more of his money that wasn't agreed upon? Did they remain friendly after the auction or did Benedict go on his merry way?

I enjoyed this story and felt bad for Rosy for all the bad luck she had gone through throughout the years. I was cheering her on and hoping that she would finally get a break in life that would help her after her bad divorce and make it easier for her to raise her sons the way she really wanted to. I would definitely read more stories from Ms. Street. I feel you won't be disappointed with this story.

Book Blurb for Bachelor Bid

City slicker Benedict Laverton finds he has top billing at a country town's charity bachelor ball. To escape the ordeal, he persuades one of the organizers, single mother Rosy Scott, into bidding for him with his own money. That's fine, except Rosy experiences an acute adrenaline rush and doubles her bid to win the prize.

When she goes to the stage to claim her man, Rosy not only has to face Benedict's stunned disbelief that she's spent a cool $10,000 of his money, but she has to kiss him too - and properly! After their spectacular kiss, Rosy's adamant that anything more to do with Benedict would only end in tears, but Benedict has other ideas.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.00