Amuse Me

Twenty-five year old Megan Bradshaw was a published writer who had a deadline fast approaching and because of the turmoil she recently had gone through had this vicious case of writer's block. You see, it took her seven years to discover that the man she thought she loved had cheated on her. Rich was out of her life for six months, but he still haunted her in her dreams. She wasn't going to let him interfere with her one true love-writing. So, finally breaking through the writer's block, she penned out a five-page plan of events that her story would take with a perfect ending. The only problem was her story was going to be based on her life with Rich. As they say paybacks are hell.

Ironically, the book entitled "Against All Odds" became a bestseller and topped on two of the most proclaimed lists in the country. While at the Erotic Romance convention in Atlantic, Georgia while signing books for her fans her editor, Kaitlin Moore, informed her that the new CEO of Quicksand Books, the company who published her books, wanted to talk to Megan about a future book deal. Agreeing to it, once she had a few minutes, she and her editor went to talk to Mr. Lockland. Megan was fully aware of the business changes Quicksand Books was going through and she was happy that they wanted to keep her on board. The only problem that concerned her was her contact, Michele Lockland-Stewart, was on maternity leave and the new owner, Blake, her brother, was quite a drill sergeant.

Once Megan was introduced to Blake Lockland she was beside herself. He had dark brown hair and silvery-blue eyes. He had the face and body of a model and Megan's mouth practically watered at how sexy he was. They discussed business briefly and he offered her a five book contract, but that's not all he wanted to offer her.

What else did Blake offer Megan? Did she like what he offered her? Did she finally decide to accept the five book contract along with the rest of the package deal or did she turn the opportunity of a lifetime down?

I really enjoyed this story from Lexie Davis. It was a fun, fast paced read for me and I enjoyed how she portrayed the characters. The storyline was extremely believable and I would definitely read more from Ms. Davis. I would certainly recommend this read to others.

Book Blurb for Amuse Me

One woman's inspiration comes from the realities of her life, mixed with a little fantasies of her own.

With her latest erotic romance due, author Megan Bradshaw develops a bad case of writers block. In a time crunch she bases her latest story off her last failed relationship adding a little fantasy of her own, making it one hot book.

The book becomes a bestseller and gains the attention of Blake Lockland, CEO of Quicksand Books, her publisher.

Megan never expected such a strong attraction to one man, much less her publisher, but the instant chemistry sparked a dance of seduction guaranteed to ignite imagination and gain plenty more best sellers. After all, didn't they always say write what you know? But Blake wants a commitment Megan's not sure she's ready to give. Will he be like all the past failed relationships, and only good for her muse? Or will he spark much more than her creative imagination?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00