Amulet of Fate

Alicia “Ali” Cameron doesn’t seem to have good luck with men. She recently just found her present boyfriend with another woman. Ironically, she isn’t that upset by it. The one thing she wishes is that the sexy man who continually visits her in her dreams would come to life one day and bring her complete happiness. But she fears that she’ll never get her wish fulfilled no matter how hard she hopes it will come true. The thing that never leaves Ali’s mind is just who is this gorgeous man and why did he pick her of all women to visit while she’s sleeping?
Deciding to go on a trip back to her native Scotland, Ali is accompanied by her grandmother Jenny and her best friend Sandy. They intend to stay a few weeks and take in the sights. But as Ali and Sandy go on a shopping excursion they meet a new friend, Marcus MacShaw, and they’re intrigued when they find out that he’s co-owner of the shop, “Wishes and Dreams.” You see, Marcus specializes in hypnotism and past life regression. They make an appointment to meet him at lunchtime the next day and they’re both going to try to be regressed into their past lives.
Jenny decides to tell them of the legend attached to the MacKintosh Castle and over the next few days Ali begins to learn the truth of her own tragic past. Maybe now she will understand why that sexy Scot keeps visiting her in her dreams. Better yet, maybe there is a way for her to bring him to life.
What does Ali find out about her tragic past that changes her life forever? Is she finally able to identify the man she’s in love with that visits her every night? What is his story and how does it involve Ali?
I have to tell you that this story definitely enthralled me and transported me to another world. Ms. Ashton knows how to entertain her readers while taking them on a journey through time. As I was reading it, I felt as if I was in Scotland seeing, hearing and feeling everything that was happening to Ali and Sandy. I’m new to Ms. Ashton and her work and I’m extremely happy that I stumbled upon this talented author! You should definitely consider adding this one to your “must read” list for the summer!

Book Blurb for Amulet of Fate

Complicated by betrayal and murder, can two star-crossed lovers unveil the secret of a 14th century curse to be reunited and rekindle a love only found in fairytales?
Can she free the familiar Scot that haunts her dreams before it's too late?
Scottish legend tells of a fourteenth century chieftain cursed by a remorseful sorceress in order to escape certain death at the hands of his lover's English husband. While visiting her native Scotland, Alicia Cameron stumbles upon the secrets of the old MacKintosh castle, and the truth of her own tragic past…
Enslaved by a cursed amulet, Zachariah MacKintosh has roamed the remains of his castle for six centuries. Guided by fate, he’s reunited with the woman linked to his misfortune…the sole key to delivering him from his immortal hell. He realizes he must find a way to jog her buried memories, for if he should fail in this quest, the horrid curse would bind him for all eternity.
There is just one problem… The curse has left him in the form of his clan motto: a cat.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.00