All the Right Reasons

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All the Right Reasons

Damaged Heroes Book 3

Twenty-six year old Lucas Mitchell is not the same person he used to be since returning home from the Iraq war. He’s bitter with himself for not being able to save his best friend’s life while over there. Wracked with guilt and plenty of frustration, Lucas just doesn’t seem to be fitting in like he used to in his hometown of Indiana.
Since suffering from the physical and mental injuries he obtained while serving his time in the war, Lucas just can’t seem to move ahead with his life now that he’s back home again. Everyone at the race track, where he works paddocking his brother’s harness race horses, just seem to be talking behind his back about his injuries and how he’s changed since coming home. Trying to ignore all the hurtful comments he hears, Lucas decides to put all his energy into renovating an old mansion he just bought and is quite eager to set it up so he can rehabilitate retired horses so he can make a decent living.
Deciding to keep his distance away from all the people around him, Lucas jumps into his work full steam ahead. Little does he know though that when he first meets up with a twenty-three year old, Hungarian beauty named Joy Kovacs, things will never be the same for either one of them ever again.
Is Joy the only one person who is able to bring the old Lucas back? Is she the answer to his prayers or just another complication for him to deal with in his life? Is Lucas every able to break free from the demons that haunt him?
Ms. James knows how to tell such an emotionally driven story and she just tears at your heart while allowing you to personally get to know Lucas and all the challenges he’s facing since returning home from the war in Iraq. This author writes her stories from the heart and each one is compelling in its own way. I immediately fell in love with Lucas and hoped that someone would finally be able to pull him out of all the self-torment he was subjecting himself to. When Joy entered the picture, I was hoping she was just the person he needed to help him get through the grief he was suffering from. I wanted Lucas to finally forgive himself and to be able to move on having a happy life again. Ms. James did a fabulous job in telling this story and I would highly recommend the Damaged Heroes series to other readers. This is the third book in the series and as I understand it, there will be another one on the way. I eagerly look forward to reading the next installment in this wonderfully written series. Well done, Ms. James!    

Book Blurb for All the Right Reasons

Can love heal all wounds? Lucas Mitchell returned from Iraq a bitter, changed man, wracked with guilt over his friend's death. He buys an old mansion and deals with his injuries and grief by restoring his new home and rehabilitating retired racehorses. 
Joy Kovacs falls in love with Lucas at first sight. Descended from gypsies who are still influenced by the lingering effects of the Holocaust, her family follows the traditional ways. A husband has already been selected for her, and her father insists she work at their ethnic restaurant. But Joy wants to use her talent and be an artist, and she wants no one but Lucas.
How can Joy find a way to help Lucas break out of his prison of grief? Although they've committed their hearts to each other, can the growing love and passion between Lucas and Joy survive her family's insistence that she marry within her culture?
"As a high school teacher, I've had to watch many young people, students whom I love, put on uniforms and head to Iraq. While I'm thankful they're all doing well, I felt there was a story to tell about them. Lucas Mitchell represents those students I've had the pleasure of knowing who make the noble choice to serve their country."  ~Sandy~ 
Romance Writers of America's 2007 Polar Passions Finalist
A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 5.00