All That Ice

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All That Ice


William Westing was owner of mines on four different continents catering in emeralds, gold and diamonds. His daughter, Amber, was part owner with him and also his right hand person. She took care of the permits needed for sites, environmental issues wrapped around the mines and varying other important tasks her father relied so heavily on her for.

One of the mines in Fairbanks, Alaska was having a few problems with an environmental group and they were threatening to shut it down. Billy knew the perfect person to get some answers was none other than Amber. Though it had been three years since she had a vacation, her father figured she could take the next four weeks and use it as a vacation away from Las Vegas, where the head office was, and she could get answers to what was going on in Alaska. Amber was furious. The last place she wanted to be sent for work or vacation was Alaska. It was way too cold for her taste and nothing seemed appealing about the trip. Reluctantly she packed and headed to Fairbanks, which was a six and a half-hour flight away. By the time she landed, she was livid with her father.

Meeting her at the airport were Bradley and Craven Nioka, the other partners of the mine. Bradley was good friends with Billy and he and his son thought that Billy was going to send another corporate person, a man to be exact, to help fix the issues the mine was facing. Problem was, every time he had sent a guy in the past, they ended up hating being in Alaska and left to head back to Nevada in one weeks time leaving before any resolutions had come about. This time Billy sent the Niokas someone who was going to get the job done - his daughter.

When Amber and Craven first laid eyes on each other, there was an immediate attraction, but it seemed their hard headedness was going to get the best of them numerous times over the next four weeks that Amber was staying there. If Amber and Craven could fight about it, they did. The ironic part was, everyone in the office noticed that Craven was a totally different person when Amber was around. They were seeing a side to him that they had never seen before. They all knew there was an intense attraction between these two even if Amber and Craven didn't want to admit it to each other.

With the intensity flying between these two, sparks were flying too. Impulsively they acted out their primal urges and slept with each other. This seemed to complicate matters on many levels.

Book Blurb for All That Ice

Genre: Torrid Romance Contemporary EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-59374-016-5 Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-59374-015-8 Rating: Sensual Romance - Sensual Forced to travel to Alaska to settle rising conflict between her father’s mine and local environmentalists, Amber Westing finally sees something to rival the Alaskan scenery. Craven Nioka is tall, dark, and too damn sexy for Amber’s own good. Craven is also in need of a good working between the sheets, and she intends to see he gets it. After all, the environmentalists vandalizing the diamond mine will be there when she’s done with the hunky man of Alaska. That’s if a woman could ever truly be done with a man like Craven. Craven Nioka isn’t sure what pink rock that Amber Westing crawled from under, but knows that the brunette beauty with dark eyes and the streaked dark hair is going back to Nevada where she came from. He just has to figure out two things: One, how to get the Sin City cutie back on the plane; and two, how he’s going to keep himself out of her bed until he does. The nights heat up between the sheets; and by day, the threats of the environmentalists increase. Soon, catastrophe strikes and Craven has to decide if destroying what he shares with Amber is really the best way to save them both from the deadly threats.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 5.00