A Valentine In July

Tia O'Shea has been dreaming of this sexy man, Val, having sex with her in her dreams for some time now. He was everything she had wanted in a lover, but it bothered her that though it was a dream, it seemed so real to her. Her friend, Jason Saunders, a psychiatrist, was growing increasing concerned over Tia's dreams of her imaginary lover. He was worried that she was taken this charade too far. This frustrated her that her own friend wouldn't put his professional interpretations aside and listen to her as just her friend. She knew she had to show Jason some kind of proof that her lover wasn't a figment of her imagination only. So proof is exactly what she was going to show Jason. She pulled her short-sleeved denim shirt at the collar enough to expose the nape of her neck. There, the slight bruised tell tail sign of a bite mark stood against her skin. The exact bite mark that her imaginary lover had given her the night before. This only made Jason believe that she needed more medical help than he previously had assumed.

Upset with Jason, she stormed out of the coffee shop. She headed to work and tried getting Jason's comments out of her head. She had a job to do and she was going to put all her energy into it. You see, Tia was a Private Investigator. She was hired by Colleen Jones to track her husband, Prescott Jones, because she was pretty convinced that he was having an affair. Tia followed him and took pictures of him red handed. To say the least he was doing more than just having an affair. Tia had just taken pictures of Prescott killing a woman. Since he saw the flash of the camera, he ran toward Tia. Now her life depended on getting out of there.

She ran across a highway almost getting hit in the process. Seeing him cross behind her, she kept on running. She quickly decided to hide down an alley, but saw there was no sanctuary to be found there. Then it happened. Tia caught movement from the corner of her eye then felt a hand cover her mouth while a large arm wrapped around her body. Her assailant moved her into complete darkness and she feared for her life.

Who was the person who grabbed Tia in the alley? Did they kill her? Would Mrs. Jones ever find out about the true life Prescott was leading?

I was drawn into this story immediately. Ms. Schultz had me intrigued as to how Tia was making love to a man in her dreams, but when she awoke, was clearly seeing evidence of their love making. I loved the story idea and how it unraveled itself. Every detail had its place and made complete sense in the final outcome of the story. If you love paranormal stories that involve vampires, this one will definitely satisfy your craving. Great job, Ms. Schultz! I would definitely recommend this author to other readers.

Book Blurb for A Valentine In July

Valentino De Marcus has it all, a loving family, a successful surfing school and an amazing woman. She's sexy, smart and--in his dreams. Val stares out the window and wishes on a shooting star to find the woman that visits him nightly. He notices the thin scratches left by fingernails on his shoulder. He knows she's real and their fates in destiny's hand.

Private Investigator Tia O'shea isn't crazy. She knows that the man that invades her dreams is real. He has to be, she has a bite on her neck to prove it. She just has to find him. One night she follows her client's cheating husband and witnesses him murder someone. He discovers her and chases her. Rescued by the hunky man of her dream, it's a good time to get his name.

Val's an immortal day-walking vampire and Tia's a slayer. Somewhere along the murder mystery way, they fall in love. Suddenly, life and death, has a whole new meaning.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50