A Toy Story

Grace Newman was a column writer for a publishing office that released Woman on Top magazine. Now that the company was being taken over she thought she was being fired when she was called into Geraldine Fox's office for a talk. Pleasantly surprised, Geraldine explained that she loved Grace's work and felt that the previous owners weren't using Grace's full potential with what they wanted her to write. Moving forward, the magazine was going to go through some changes and Grace would not only get a longer column, but a new twist on the topic she was to write about.

Geraldine wanted her to continue writing reviews for sex toys for woman as she had done for two years already, but now she wanted Grace to expand the topics to reviews on products that women could use with their partners. Grace went into panic mode because she wasn't dating anyone at the moment nor did she think of anyone she could ask to help her out to get her column written. Geraldine reassured Grace that the transition was going to happen over a three month period and not to worry about it. Grace wished that she didn't have to worry about it, but she knew she was already doomed before she started writing on the new topics. Leaving Geraldine's office, her secretary gave her a box of new toys to try and Grace was nearly having a heart attack now.

Going out with her best friend, Caroline, she explained the new requirements of her column. Her friend tried offering her some suggestions of what she might be able to do to get her column written. They came up with either lying in the review making believe Grace tried them with a partner, giving the toys to attached or married couples and having them review it for her or simply finding a buddy to have sex with to help her write her reviews. She wasn't going to start lying about her products since over the past two years she never lied about them. She always gave her honest opinion about a product. She wasn't too happy with having other people write her reviews because she felt as if she wasn't in full control of the writing. So, the only other option was for her to find a sex buddy to help her out. But how was she going to go about doing this? Drowning her sorrows with her friend, the girls headed to the bar and got drunk. Too drunk for either one of them to drive, Caroline's husband, Mark, picked them up and made the first stop at Grace's apartment. He helped her out of his car and walked her to the front door. Mark asked her if she thought she would be okay to walk up the stairs alone to her apartment. She reassured him, but doubt filled Mark completely. With that, they both heard a male voice coming from behind them. It was Ben Kettleman, an ex-boyfriend of Grace's and a now very good friend of hers. He volunteered to take Grace upstairs so Mark could get back to his wife Caroline still in the car. Grace was so happy to see Ben. Asking him why he was there he showed her the container of chewy chocolate ginger cookies that his Mom sent over to her knowing they were her favorite. He hoisted her into his arms and carried her up to the apartment. She finally settled in to sleep off her hangover and Ben left to go get breakfast for the morning and to pick up Lou his one hundred and forty pound Bernese mountain dog. Returning, Ben and Lou crashed in Grace's guest room.

Next morning, Ben prepared a full breakfast for the both of them. They started talking about the new column requirements and Grace told Ben that she was concerned with how she was going to handle doing reviews on toys that were meant to be used by couples. Ben being the good looking and close friend that he was to Grace propositioned her with an answer that could solve all her problems.

What was Ben's proposition? What did Grace think about the idea? Was it something that she could be comfortable with to guarantee her column to get completed each time? Where did Ben fit into this proposition, if anywhere?

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Book Blurb for A Toy Story

Grace reviews sex toys for a living — arguably the best job in town. Ben is her college sweetheart, all grown up and fine enough to convince any girl to leave the vibrator in the drawer. Ten years after their passionate relationship ended, they're finally back to being friends. But the spark is still there, and they both wonder — what if? So when Grace gets a new assignment — turn her column for single gals into a column for couples — Ben oh-so generously offers to give her a hand with the research.

And the hottest job ever just got a lot hotter.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 5.00