A Time To Heal

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A Time To Heal

Twenty-six-year old Rachael Walters loves working at the food pantry and has wrapped her life around helping those in need. Although living through a tragic accident that has left her physically and emotionally scarred, she doesn’t want to get close to anyone romantically because she feels that no one would want to look at her and see her ugly scars.

Then one day thirty-one-year old Tom Montgomery, who is a coach for one of the local high schools, walks into Rachael’s life wanting his school to help stock the food pantry on a regular basis. He proposes that for every game they have, instead of the kids paying admission to get in, they bring canned food instead. Rachael is thrilled he wants to help her food pantry out, but has a hard time dealing with the attraction she has for him. She knows that no man wants a disfigured woman and she can’t blame anyone for feeling that way.

But does Tom see through her scars and want to get to know her more personally despite what Rachael is dealing with because of her tragic accident? Can Rachael see Tom’s intentions are from the heart and not just feeling pity for her? Can she get past her hang-ups and allow Tom into her life romantically?

I thought this was a good story that dealt with some serious issues that Rachael was now facing because of the accident she was involved in and ultimately caused her permanent physical scarring. I had hoped that she wouldn’t completely shut Tom out and I wanted her to see his true intentions from the start. I wanted her to be able to find the forgiveness in her own heart for what happened because of the accident she caused and move on with her life. I could only hope that she would allow Tom the time of day to let him walk down the healing road with her. Overall, this was an enjoyable story for me.

Book Blurb for A Time To Heal

Physical beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but true beauty lies within.

Rachael Walters is a social worker. She identifies with remorse and sorrow almost every day. But it wasn't always the case. Once, she was a carefree young woman with goals and ambitions, but then a tragic accident left her scared physically and emotionally. Now, just getting through the day, proves to be a challenge. But then a kindly high school teacher, Coach Tom Montgomery, walks into her life and she can't deny the attraction she feels. But what man would want a disfigured woman? Or one that carries emotional baggage? Can Rachael come to grips with her past and return the love Tom is offering?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 3.50