A Rose to the Fallen

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A Rose to the Fallen

True love and eternity are bound

Ms. Bostic penned an entertaining story within these pages. I was elated that Bridget Monahan’s best friend, Autumn, tried just one more time at setting Bridget up on a blind date. It seemed all the dates she had chosen in the past for Bridget were the farthest thing from being relationship material. But there was something very different and quite unique about Tristan Hathaway. With his handsome looks and to die for British accent, Autumn just had the feeling that Tristan would be the perfect match for Bridget.
Ironically, when they met at Autumn’s party, there was an immediate connection and attractive to each other. Autumn was happy that her two friends seemed to be hitting it off so well. Once they spoke on the phone together, things just seemed to be falling into place for them. Foremost in her mind, Bridget was guarded and protective of her heart. She had failed at so many attempts at relationships in the past and it scared her that things were going so well between her and Tristan. Maybe soul mates really do exist and just maybe she had finally stumbled upon her angel that in every way completed her.
Did Bridget finally let down her guard for Tristan? Was he really her soul mate after all?
This was a fun story to read and Ms. Bostic did a wonderful job with her storyline and character development. I would be interested in reading more stories from this author in the future.

Book Blurb for A Rose to the Fallen

Do soul mates really exist? Is there really another person out there who was born just for you? And are they the only one who can answer your heart's call? Bridget Monahan is an elementary school teacher, and she's about to find out that perhaps soul mates do exist. Her heart is on the mend from many failed relationships, she's a skeptic when it comes to finding love, and the last thing she wants is to be set up on another blind date. However, she is introduced to the charming Tristan Hathaway. Bridget's first impression of Tristan is that he reminds her of an angel with a British accent that makes her knees weak. When they begin their passionate romance, Tristan is able to break her defenses that were guarding her heart for so long, and as Bridget allows herself to fall deeper in love with him, she starts to believe that they are soul mates. But she also learns that although his beauty is near perfection, he is not without flaws and there's more to him than she ever imagined. Not to mention, he can seduce her unlike any man she's ever known and take her mind, body, and soul to a place of sheer ecstasy. Bridget unexpectedly becomes the student in this magical love affair and her biggest lesson may be that true love and eternity are bound.


Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.00