A Naked Holiday

Janie and Zane Collier owned their own restaurant and between work and raising their family they had grown apart from each other. Now that the children were all grown up and out of the house and their business was being maintained by excellent staff members, they had more time on their hands to be together again. The problem was that it had been so long now that they were lacking in so many facets of their marriage.

Janie overheard a conversation with one of the young, pretty waitresses at work named Tracy that she thought Zane was hot and they were attracted to each other. Janie, feeling terrible that her marriage was falling apart didn't know what to do. She believed that Zane had distanced himself after all these years because he no longer loved her and didn't find her attractive anymore. With what she overheard from that particular conversation, she had no doubts that Zane slept with Tracy.

Zane, on the other hand, wondered who had written that racy love letter to Janie. He also wondered how their marriage fell apart. He knew that their family and their restaurant was their life, but how could he not see that his wife had someone else in her life.

Realizing that now was the perfect time to take a getaway vacation together, they both decided that it would be the best thing for them so they can confront each other with everything going on. It had been too many years since their last vacation together so they didn't care about the expense. They rented a log cabin and decided a quiet getaway from everyone and everything was exactly what they needed to do to start trying to work through their problems.

Did Zane have an affair with Tracy? Did Janie ever admit who was writing those racy love letters? Did they have anything left to salvage their marriage or was this their last vacation together for good?

While reading this story I sympathized with Janie and Zane because clearly they were living distant lives from each other. I was hoping that they could both talk things out and try to take another shot at their marriage. This story was a page-tuner for me and I would definitely read more stories from Ms. Devereux.

Book Blurb for A Naked Holiday

Janie and Zane have some work to do-they're busy with their restaurant and their sex life is stale since the kids have gone off to college. Will the time alone in a cabin allow them to finally break free of the routine or will being together unveil heartbreak and betrayal?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.00